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Deptula needs to work on his delivery

He's still an arrogant prick but he makes a VERY valid point in this rant, going off on TardNet posters.

Sapakoff talks about the meaning of "All In" to Dabo Swinney and what he thinks it should mean to all Clemson fans. I'm really getting sick of this slogan, he better win if I have to hear him say it 1000x per year, but in this article he says he might be a bit less "all in" than he was last year, and that he's delegating to the new staff.

"Our message of all in is filtering out the way we want it to," he said. "But let me just tell you, it's not a slogan. It's a way of life. It's a lifestyle. It's not just something you put on your hat. It's got to be a way of life. And if I can get enough people to be all in, then we've got a chance to be successful."

He had this to say about the tweaks to Clemson's offense by Napier this offseason:

Swinney said his offense will be a mix of the spread, ball-control and option elements — in addition to some formations the Tigers have used in the past.

Which is really no different than expected.

As for Quarterback, no hint was given, but he mentions that both will see action with the 1st team offense.

The Coordinators are planning for our first 3 opponents already, and they have installed the practice schedule for the first 10 days of camp, from installations to walk-throughs. Napier had a few things to say about it:

"Both coordinators are back with three of our first four opponents, so that could be the same, somewhat. And with TCU, we've taken a good look at those guys, just trying to anticipate things and move forward building installation to some degree."

"Coach Swinney has done a great job of anticipating things and putting the schedule together ahead of time. We've got a majority of our concepts down in the order we'd like for them to be taught. Right now we're really finishing up the details on Middle Tennessee before the grind of camp starts."

"The first thing we have to do is make sure that C.J. Spiller is getting every opportunity to take the game and put it on his shoulders. And we have the supporting cast to do that," Napier said. "C.J. is a one-in-a-million type of player. And we're not going to have a game where we look back and say we didn't give that guy enough opportunities."

Kevin Steele sat down for an interview at the Media golf outing as well and commented that the DL here is just as talented as what he had at Alabama and the installation of packages and instilling toughness. He had this to say when asked about the LB Corps consistency and inexperience:

"Getting them in the right place. They've got instincts; they're good players. But when you total up the true number of snaps, you've got Scotty (Cooper) and (Daniel) Andrews and that group over at SAM. You've got Jeremy (Campbell) and Brandon (Maye) and that group at MIKE. Well, Brandon's the old guy. He's been here a year. Then you go to WILL and you've got Kavell (Conner) and that group. Well, Kavell is the only one. The rest of them, Tig (Willard) and all of those guys, they haven't played. So there's not a lot of snaps.

"In this game, as multiple as it is now, it's so many formations, so many changes of things. One week, you're playing the zone-read option. The next you're playing the spread, the next week you're playing the Georgia Tech option. That comes from guys who have done it. So it just makes it easier."

GNews has an article about the personal life of CJ Spiller and his journey from a top-flight recruit who has bucked the trend to the man he is now. He had this to say about the team over the last few years:

"I've worked the whole off-season to be ready for this and I think I'm prepared; the time is right to change that perception people have of Clemson.

"We've been the ones that started good and finished sloppy, or we started sloppy and we finished on an up note, but if we want to be considered with the great teams we have to start strong and finish strong."

Another article by the P&C talks about Spiller's hopes for this season and possible draft future. Unfortunately, Dabo doesnt have a set number of touches for CJ:

Still, Swinney said he has not created benchmark numbers for Spiller, like, 250 touches.

"There's no limit," Swinney said of Spiller's 2009 potential. "But there are no set numbers like 22 carries a game."

-All players return August 3rd, practice begins August 4.

-OT Jamal Medlin will take a medical redshirt and likely will end up as a student-coach, because of microfractures in his knee.
-Buster Hunter is medicated for epilepsy.
-Ricky Sapp is fully cleared to play, as are Spencer Adams and Barry Humphries.
-Tajh Boyd has not yet been cleared.

Nick Saban has given permission to soph. DB/WR Chris Jackson to look elsewhere, so long as its not an SEC school. He's reported to be friends with Markeith Ambles, a Clemson target. He is considering Clemson. Jackson was a 3-star recruit in Saban's first class, and is 6'0 187 and runs a 4.45 according to Rivals. Saban is likely clearing the road for his oversignage the last 3 years.