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Thursday News

Clemson commit and Gaffney player Joe Craig shines in the 7-on-7 scrimmage during Camp. The SHJ spoke with committed WR M. Bryant earlier this week as well.

Oliver Purnell agreed to a 2-year extension, which is not yet signed, on June 1 that will keep him here through 2016. The specifics:

Purnell's base salary jumps $50,000 a year to $275,000. His supplemental income improved to $1.075 million each year, up from $775,000 guaranteed in a two-year extension agreed to in 2008.

Purnell will also receive deferred compensation of $250,000 a year in 2015 and 2016, money the coach would receive unless he left the school voluntarily or was fired for cause.

The Tigers coach would owe the school $250,000 if he left after April 30 for another Division I head coaching job. That payback amount would increase by $250,000 each year until reaching $1.5 million should Purnell depart for a Division I job after April 30, 2015.

I'm a little stumped as to why its set for April 30th? Its not college basketball signing day and the Tournament is long over by then. The regular signing period for basketball lies between 4/15 and 5/20, so maybe they picked a day in the middle?

By now you've heard of Trevor Adair's forced resignation, and BlockC has their take on it here, Plyler has a good blog on it here. If his daughters are saying he really didn't do anything, and they are the supposed victims, then he'll never be convicted of anything at all. Even if the police decide to push things on what they have, they wouldn't get more than community service (you know, what nearly every drunk gets in Clemson) or some big fine.

TNet is predictably going batshit, calling him a loser and that he's worthless as a father and a coach, and that our soccer program is complete crap. I couldn't give less of a damn about soccer myself, but at least look at as much information as you can before you post. I'm glad its easy to resist the train wreck on the mange board in the offseason.

There are posts on TNet, supposedly from his daughter here and here. Is this another situation where the Administration runs a good coach off for no fucking reason, or was it all TDP?

It's finally time to speak up.
I am coach Adair's oldest daughter Courtney. It's time for TRUE, REAL clemson family members to know the truth.
My father is the best man, dad and coach I know. One thing that upsets me through this is the unfairness and hypocracy of it all. If you read one thing, read this, if I had an abusive or violent father, every member of this family would have gone running. Instead, today, more than ever, I stand by my dad and I will defend him til the end. He has always put his family before anyone else, and that is the true measure of a great father, especially one that is a "high profile" soccer coach. My father has never harmed my sister, mother, nor I. He never would, and he never will. The charges brought against him are unfitting and false. Although no one will ever know all the details of that night, I know in my heart the truth, and that is all that should matter to the Clemson family. The Clemson family should stand by a man who has given them so much and has so much yet to give. He is a great man, great coach and an even greater father. We are a wonderful, strong family, and the fact that we have been made out to be anything less, is very upsetting.

As for his resignation, it is a day of great sadness for Clemson University. The sad fact is that I am disapointed with the lack of support from the administration, and I do not believe that they fit the definition of "Clemson Men." However,I feel my dad exemplifies that definition. My dad is an amazing coach, he has put 54 players into the proffessional leagues, I do not believe that another coach has done that from a college position. But more important than wins and loses, my dad strives to make his players better men when they leave this campus. Men that will represent this University well in the real world. Clemson will be hardpressed to find a coach that cares about his players as much as coach Adair does. Clemson is family, which is exactly why it is a shame to see my dad go. He's a great family man, and his team has always been considered his second family. To not be shown support after giving back so much to this supposed "family," shows me that perhaps our administrators need to learn a few family lessons of their own. So clemson family members, I ask you this, from now on, stand by your memembers. Defend them til the end, and in all situations. Because if you are the caliber of person that belongs in the Clemson family, you know that what Clemson has done to Trevor Adair is WRONG.

I dont know whether its true, but take it as you will.

Recall the SEC's $3 Billion deal that will pay each team $15 million or so? Well Georgia just signed a deal to give them another $93 million. Thats another $11 million per.

The ACC Conference Championship is now moved to primetime in December.

Ron Morris paints a pretty picture from the Clucker's recent success in all sports, finally breaking .500.