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Ok, back to football.

FSNSouth mic'd up Chancellor and Dabo at spring practice...

New Commitments

Bashaud Breeland, a 3-star S/CB from Allendale-Fairfax (6'1" 190) also committed, and according to him this is where he always wanted to be, but finally chose us because of Harbison. He turned down offers from Tennessee, VT, SC, Michigan and was courted by Florida.

This commitment, assuming all the others hold up, will put us at 4 DBs for the 2010 class. They're all "officially" over 6' tall, so they could all play one of the safety positions as well. Joe Craig is more like 5'10-11", so he'd likely be put at CB.

For 2011, Daytona Beach RB Marlin Lane (6'1" 180) committed at the end of camp as well. You can't put alot of faith in an 18 year old, and a 17 year old is even worse, so don't get all excited about it. Its quite likely, considering who has offered him already (Mich, Tenn, Bama, Ole Piss, Miami), that he'd end up as a 4 star guy at least next season, so I do hope he sticks to this. He runs a 4.42 40'.

Clemson also gained a commitment from DT DeShaun Williams from Daniel HS (6' 280) during the Swinney Football Camp that ended Tuesday. He'll likely end up as a 3-star, but again the rankings arent totally done. He was getting interest from UNC, Oregon, and LSU. He's the son of former RB Ronald Williams, a ROY player in 1990 and on the 1991 ACC Title team who left Clemson early in '92 and didnt get drafted, and spent 10 years in the CFL. He's a bit short for an interior lineman, but he could still grow another couple inches before 2011 rolls around.

As you can imagine, the Swinney Camp is moving us into the top tier in many recruits mind's, but otherwise theres little else to talk about. A 7-on-7 passing tournament is being held today.

Jacoby Ford pulled up with a hamstring injury in his Track events yesterday. Thankfully Track is now done and he can take time to heal. A bad hammy takes forever.

Tammy is back on video, woo...hoo. Its a classy interview though.

Steve offers them earlier and earlier now. Too bad the Curse destroys their potential.

FSU will need production from their incoming freshman class with the dismissal of Preston Parker, but they still have enough speed at WR to cause us problems.

Paul Johnson reminds people that if the option was too gimmicky, it wouldnt be working.

Minor rule changes in basketball, the most important being that now if a player is injured on a foul, the other 4 players on the court must shoot his FTs.

Casey Harman and Brad Miller were invited to tryout for Team USA baseball, and the outlook on 2010 baseball will be muddled for a while longer. I really think the NCAA should put some kind of rule in place to help college baseball on this subject. While I think its fine that players get drafted from HS, and most of you have seen the better Braves' players come straight through the system from there, there should still be some kind of protection to help college ball survive better. Perhaps moving the signing date for committed players upwards from August 7?