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Tigers fail to sweep another inferioropponent

Despite thumping them 13-2 and 11-3 in the first two games of the series,Sunday's 4-3 loss to UNC-Wilmington gives us only two weekend sweeps all year: Charlotte and Wake.

"We’re not quite good enough to finish off the weekend right now. We’ve got to get better," Leggett said. "We’re a good team at times, but not quite where we need to be. Hopefully we can get ourselves better between now and next weekend, because it doesn’t get any easier from here on out."

"It’s frustrating," second baseman Mike Freeman said. "After playing so well Friday and Saturday and coming out here and not getting the job done, it’s definitely frustrating, especially late in the season when every win’s going to count. We feel we’re good enough to beat any team in the country. Today we didn’t show it."

Wallace then asks the question as to whether we'll get to host an NCAA Regional now. I think the answer is still yes, but we have to show up ready next weekend and pull off a sweep against the Pack and sweep CofC (tuesday) and Furman (today) and have a good showing in the ACC Tourney to seal it. The RPI and SoS are on our side, but just like the basketball tourney selection, its how you finish that counts.

Some perspective on the QB race between Korn and Parker, circa 1980. Headen went on to become a LB/End for the 1981 team as I recall, and I'm quite sure he broke up a pass against Nebraska in the Orange Bowl game.

LB commitment Jake Nicolopulos has been rated a 3-star player by Rivals, #21 at his position.