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SEC Coaches Meetings Under Way

The coaches of the SEC are together this week, and it appears SOS will need to find some other recruiting/placement/expulsion/greyshirt/redshirt/whatever other policy that he can to ensure the Cocks have a full roster each year (go from his standard 4 strikes, you're out to 5-6 strikes and you're gone policy?). This all derives from the ridiculousness that is over-signing.

27 roster spots, I guess we should sign 40-50 prospects

Also, on a SOS note, Spurlid apparently got loose on his buddy Lane Kiffin.

Don't eff with Stevo at an elevator

And now they have even pissed off the commish Slive Rages

In Clemson news, I think we are all excited about hosting a regional this season. The Tigers played well down the stretch, but will need quality pitching this weekend to get past Bammer.

And as referred to by the Good Dr. earlier, Humphries will have to sit the first two games this season. Ban the woo-hoo, ban the purple, and ban the moped for football players.