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It drank pretty good dont it? previews Middle Tennessee's upcoming season here. Stockstill is entering his 4th year at MTSU at 17-20 overall. Predictably, it looks like they have the best WR corps in the Sun Belt conference, and with Tony Franklin (he who was fired at Auburn midseason) in to run his spread offense, it could be very explosive. I'm still of the opinion that Tubby is the reason Auburn didnt do much with Franklin last year, as Tubbs kept his old position coaches in place and didnt let Franklin bring in his own people, so they had a situation where the other assistant coaches didnt buy into Franklin's philosophy. You can't meld a I-formation running team with the spread unless you completely commit to it.

Since football news is at a premium, we're going to start going into more X's and O's over the summer about our opponents.

Heres an early recruiting wishlist via Scout.

Looks like Will Korn has been working with a famous QB coach to fix those troublesome mechanics. Jerry Rhome was Aikman's QB coach in Dallas; Joe Theisman, Doug Williams and Mark Rypien in Washington; and Warren Moon's coach in Houston, among others.

The importance of OL experience in winning games, according to the WSJ.

Ard gives his post-spring tidbits on the Cornerback situation here. If you are able to read the latest LW article on Rendrick Taylor, I suggest you do so. I won't C&P it here, but it's enlightening about what the guy wants and has been through.

OL Graduate Assistant Bobby Hutchinson, who hadn't been officially hired yet to replace Sulkowski now that he's left for Colorado, has decided to take a job back in Florida. Former OL Marion Dukes was hired to replace Hutch. A replacement for Sulkowski hasn't been decided.

Oh no! Sakerlina is gonna get us this year!


SEBaseball still projects Clemson as hosting a Regional. As long as we don't have a huge hiccup again like the last MD game, we should be set. We have Furman set for Wednesday night. We're still ranked as high as #19 in the Nation.

The ACC pulled the Baseball tournament away from Boston, and putting in in Greensboro, saving Swofford from a blunder just as stupid as putting the basketball tourney in Atlanta. If people wont travel to Jax for football in December, then why would you think they'd go into yankee territory?

Despite having record attendance in Greenville when it was there, it created an unfair advantage to Greensboro wouldn't for UNC or the other NC teams.....sure. Just put the thing in Charlotte or...even better, Myrtle Beach. Myrtle in mid-May, pre-bike week.