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Humphries takes himself out

After losing a year because of injury and working hard to get another final year to play football, and being a Clemson graduate, you would think a guy would have his shit together. Barry Humphries apparently doesnt.

Humphries was arrested at 5am May 2 by CUPD for DUI.....on a moped. EDSBS gave us some Fulmer Cup points for the whole deal.

Dude you've got to be pretty fucked up to get a DUI on a liquorcycle. Apparently the cop saw a swerving moped with a very large subject riding and he failed the field sobriety tests.

"I was proud of Barry when he graduated from Clemson earlier this month, but I was disappointed in his decision in this situation," said Clemson Head Coach Dabo Swinney. "Even though he was on a motor scooter, we take this charge seriously. He came to us the next day and told us what had happened. Barry will be suspended for the first two games this year (Middle Tennessee and Georgia Tech) and we will continue to monitor the legal process in this situation throughout the summer."

Humphries started two years ago, and was the starter early last season until an ACL took him out. He's listed as the 4th team Center, but thats really only because he wasnt cleared for full contact this spring. Recall we posted before that he's a definite contender to take away the Center position from Cloy, who barely held off Freeman. We could handle not having him for MTSU, but if Cloy doesnt get his act together, we might've been able to use him against GT's large heavy linemen. Humph is also the strongest player on the team.