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Depth Charts released, baseball sweepsmidweeks

Andrew Carter of the Orlando Sentinel writes about the ruckus at the ACC annual spring meetings, and that the coaches want an earlier signing date than the one in the first week of February.

The conference’s coaches are in favor of a signing period that would begin on Dec. 18, said Mike Kelly, the ACC’s associate commissioner for football. ACC coaches for years have tried to push for an early signing period, and have argued that it would alleviate unnecessary pressures on both recruits and coaches.

Clemson Coach Dabo Swinney said he’d be in favor of a signing period that began some time in August. Swinney said that would allow recruits who have already made their college choices to officially end their recruitment. Further, it would allow coaches to rest more easily knowing that a player’s commitment is binding.

I doubt it will happen anytime soon, but it would make things less of a headache as far as recruiting goes.

Another 'official' post-spring depth chart has been released (recall there was one on 2 weeks ago) and Korn/Parker hasnt been resolved going into the summer, as we all expected really. RT is still up for grabs, and Spencer Benton beat Richard Jackson out for PK. Ard details the DE lineup for the fall here.

Clemson beat Furman at Fluor Field in greenville Monday 8-5, got moved up to #14 in one poll, and then beat CofC 5-2 yesterday, CofC had won 10 straight and are on the NCAA bubble.