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Clemson gets NCAA Regional

The ACC locked down 4 host sites for the NCAA Tournament that starts Friday: GT, FSU, UNC, and us. Virginia got the shitty end of the stick. Its our 12th selection to host and the first since 2006, and Jack Leggett's 10th in 16 years. Its our 22nd selection to the NCAA in the last 23 years.

Since we have played well at home of late and are 7-1 in hosted regionals, this is big. The full bracket is here in PDF.

Clemson will host Alabama (37-19), Oklahoma State (32-22) and Tennessee Tech (30-22-1) this weekend. It is double-elimination in this round. To get a Super Regional, we need Arizona State to fall in their host regional, as they are the #5 national seed. Ard gives his take on the team and the regional here.

Greg Wallace talks about the fluke that was 2008 baseball, but honestly I dont have his confidence after the way we played defensively in the ACC Tournament. It was just bad. Alabama is a good offensive team, but at least we could thump Chris Smelley again. Oklahoma State has good pitching but poor offensive and defensive stats.

Next year's ACC Tournament is set for Myrtle Beach, as it should be, but with UNC being the only draw for baseball this year, they might have problems filling seats.

An article on Khalil Greene's struggles in St. Louis makes his baseball future look bleak.

Spring football recruiting's evaluation period, when 7 coaches could be on the road at any one time, is now over. The staff will be trimming down their lists to about half of the original (around 700 on mailing lists) and create a working recruit board. Recall that Dabo has said they will try to bring in a full class this year, around 22-23.

Sakerlina assistant Brad Lawing talks about the star rating used by Rivals and Scout to rate HS players, and how it means nothing. He forgets, as does Korncoot, to mention that the Chicken Curse factors heavily in the poor performance of SC's highly-rated recruits. That and a lack of intelligence...since if they were smart they'd pick the better academic school and consistently better athletic teams and happier students. It just goes to show you that they'll never figure it out.

Greg Oliver at Upstate Today did though, and points out that Steven Orr is losing his mojo.

However, if the 2009 season resembles anything close to the past two seasons, or even worse, Spurrier will have a lot more time to spend on radio and television reliving his past glory and trying to sound funny again because his gridiron days will end with a thud that would make even Chevy Chase shudder.

Maybe Steve is rightfully pissed? At least Axon saved the scholarships of Ajiboye and Whitlock.

Remember the "Cocky Cloth"? Fear the towel!