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Baseball takes series against Maryland

If you are a student at Clemson, or have been, then you know that 123 through Easley is a street that is rarely patrolled by cops enough, and you know that you've sped well beyond the 55mph limit. I know I pushed my car to over 100mph on that street several times, late at night. I've lost count of how many students have been killed or badly injured on this road. I know at least 3 or 4 died on it during the 4 years I was a student. Its sad but not terribly unexpected to hear another has died. Our condolences to the family.

WILL KORN was interviewed by ClemsonInsider over the weekend, check it out.

This article talks about the usual, tired-as-hell-comparison between the ACC and SEC. I could care less, I want to see Clemson do well, to hell with the rest of the conference.

This NC blog talks about how Butch Davis managed to get around his oversignage for another year, now I'm just waiting for the article on Spurrier

Ard answers mail in his usual "free" friday mail call here, which were mainly questions about the interviews with Pearman and WoodyMac, along with some recruiting bits. Nothing in the interviews was terribly enlightening though. He then talks about our LB Corps for next season, but alot of it is just things that I've covered before.

Dr. Saturday talks about the Congressional BCS hearings last week. Its a good summary of the arguments to to the committee. About the best we can hope for from this, however, is a new impetus to fix the system. The NCAA does not care what Congress thinks about anything at all, and there's nothing Congress can do to them to MAKE them change the system into a playoff.

Spurrier says Emmanuel Cook and Munnerlyn were misled about their draft prospects. I think its just more that they are idiots who didnt listen to the smarter people around them.

Baseball took 2 of 3 from the Turtles this weekend, but we should've swept them altogether. Clemson won saturday, 11-2, won game 1 of the doubleheader 7-4, but "ran out of gas" in game 2 and lost 8-6, blowing ANOTHER game at the end. Maryland is now 2-53 at Tiger Field after splitting the doubleheader yesterday. Sunday's results clinched a spot in the ACC Tournament for the Tigers, but still allowed Florida State to clinch the Atlantic Division title. We're still predicted to host a Regional, but just barely, and depending on the next weekend's games we could be off the bubble altogether. Clemson is up to #20 in the Baseball America poll, from #21 at 32-16 overall, still #8 in RPI.

Correction, dropped to #10 in RPI.

An article on Chris Dwyer's draft prospects.