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Who do you think should be in the Clemson Athletic HOF?

Mickey Plyler's blog on TNet highlights a few players who I thought were already in the Clemson Hall of Fame, after this weeks inductions. Take a look over the official list here and give us your thoughts.

How is Raymond Priester, one of my favorite Clemson players, not in there?

Terry Allen?

Rod Gardner?

TZach got busted for smoking (and selling) weed, so did T. Smith I think, and Flowers roughed up a co-ed once while in school, which you may not recall. I can't think of reasons why some of our other best aren't in there though.

For Christ's sake, Nelson Welch is in there. He who was automatic-under-30-but-problematic-over.

George Dostal, our Weight Program director in the early 80s who predicted we'd play in the Orange Bowl in 1981, isn't in there. This man is directly responsible for a lot of our success in the '80s, as he made sure (with Dollar Bill McLellan's support) we had the best weight facility at Jervey in the country at that time.