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Scrimmage results

Clemson's defense recorded 13 sacks in the full scrimmage this morning, led by Bowers with 3. They used a one-hand touch rule however, so don't go crazy. Swinney calls it the best of this spring in his interview with reporters afterwards this morning, but pointed out there were some critical mistakes on both sides, due to lack of focus. It still looks like the defense leads like friday afternoon, as it should.

Ford and Spiller were held out for track, again I dont agree with it. I think we'll know how this is working out by Middle Tennessee. You have two weeks of real practice now, a month in August, and thats it.

The defense had some issues with WRs running free in man/man blitzes, commented on my several writers. Gilchrist is crosstraining at FS as well as CB, since Spencer Adams isnt ready. Cumbie and Goodman are playing both inside and outside. For the most part they were good but the goal-line is bad....awful, which Steele said is because they havent practiced it as much as worked on it from a paper standpoint.

The QB situation wasnt cleared up, as all 3 had similar stats (Wade had the best). Korn is noted to have come out with the 1st team Offense, with Lambert in at RT, who they say is better this year than before. Landon Walker does not appear to be having a good spring at all, from all the reports he and Lambert are in a real battle right now. Everyone is still bragging on McClain. Brandon Ford lit up the defense, but it still looks like its going to be Dye and Jacoby, with somebody else.

Kicking was good, 7-7 on FGs, two 49yard kicks, but punt protection itself was bad. People are coming right up the middle on them.

I'm not going to get too excited about it all, because if you listen to all this praise for everyone, then you'll start thinking we're unbeatable and won't give up a point all season. We hear every spring who is great and improving. Just try to take away the sense that the WRs are coming along, kicking was good for today, the OL is improving (can't really get worse can they?), the defense is picking up the scheme, and the QB situation isnt settled.