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Weekend scrimmage results

Clemson scrimmaged early saturday morning, and the offense shows some improvement according to Philpott as well as Larry Williams. Strelow gives an impression here. From all the reports I've looked at, it seemed to be a day where several of the backups got the PT.

Rendrick is at 265lbs and got some carries today. He's still slated to play a hybrid FB/H-back/TE position. After practice, Dabo commented on Diehl, who scored two TDs:
"He has never scored a touchdown in his life and he scored two today. What I ask him to do is bloody people's noses. When we do throw it to him, catch it, just don't fall down. Run forward and run over people. Heck, he might be a guy we look at on the other side of the ball. I threw him in on defense yesterday and he whipped everybody in front of him."

One of them was a 43-yd TD run. Harper's and Ellington's TDs were 20+ yarders. There are alot of TDs scored in this scrimmage setting by the 1st team offense. Steele and the defensive coaches are not happy though, giving up 200+ yards rushing.

In their defense, in each scrimmage they are trying to install a different package and get their first game-situation reps in it, and this was really the first. Andre Branch scored a sack, Tig Willard led with 7 tackles, and Tarik Rollins recovered a fumbled snap by Korn.

I'm holding off on an explanation of Cover 1 Robber defense, which is what we will likely play the most this year, until I digest all the adjustments and find some illustrative videos. An article on Steele and the fact that he's using alot of the Saban defense is here.

When asked today if there was separation between Korn and Parker:
"Well, I think Willy and Kyle have maybe separated just a little bit, and Mike Wade has done an excellent job."

He just didnt say which one is doing better, both did ok in the rain friday. Korn did botch a snap and some exchanges, but nothing major. Larry Williams sees little difference between them, in his opinion.

Dabo went on to say that he held out CJ and Jacoby to get reps from Harper, Ellington, and Rendrick and so they can concentrate on track. I don't really agree with it, particularly on Ford. Also, J.K. Jay will almost certainly NOT redshirt and is playing his way into the rotation at Tackle, as is Malliciah Goodman at DE.

A couple of articles on Brandon Maye, here and here, that say basically the same stuff. He got into a fight in the scrimmage today and got yanked.

From everything I'm seeing, Mason Cloy is stepping up into the Center spot and doing well. It looks like we might have the best one since Kyle Young at least. They can't really get much worse up front.

I'll believe it when I see it though.

Clemson got spanked 13-1 friday afternoon at BC, and TNet had its usual meltdown and calling-for-Jacks-head session, because they think a year and a half of being down means that he's an awful coach. Hard to do much when your Starter gives up 8 runs in 2 innings folks.

We swept saturday's doubleheader, Clemson won Game 1 7-6, holding on to the lead late. In game 2, G. Stoneburner pitched 8 1/3 innings, shutting down the BC lineup, and M. Vaughn finished the job with runners on 5-3. The State recap is here.

Late add: National blogger Dr. Saturday talks about Clemson here.