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Wednesday News

Awwwwwwww. A #3 seed loses to a #6 at home, but they clearly belong in the NCAA Tournament as a 10 or 11 seed and would've done better, even though they went 0-6 against NCAA Tourney teams, didnt you know that?

I give Ron Morris about 2 weeks before he calls Horn a dope and reminds Sakerlina fans that they suck worse than us.

Steven Garcia is smiling, because he knows that as much as he sucks, Spurrier can't take him out to put in the janitor backing him up this year. The Fightin' Spurriers have suspended a starting DLman, in preparation for his future dismissal from the team to cover the oversignage in recruiting this year. Ben is smiling too, by the way.

A 4th District Federal Judge has told Clemson, that although they are public, that they are not part of the State and a lawsuit filed against them by former BOT Secretary Eugene Troutman can proceed. He claims he was fired for bitching about tuition increases that weren't necessary and the University used them to create a savings fund of $80 Million, and gave outrageous pay hikes.

Why didnt he bitch when they doubled mine over 4 years? Clemson might as well go private, with as little as the state gives them now.

Its time for the ACC to produce in the Tournament again, and this article reviews our problems over the last 3 years. Some of it, I believe, is due to a fall in recruiting. With the Big East becoming a real power on the east coast, not everyone wants to go to the ACC schools. Maryland is not what they used to be, nor is Virginia or NC State. Teams like Duke or UNC will always be good and get the best, but the 2nd-tier ACC teams are having a tougher time of it now.

Strelow writes a good article about the Michigan Zone defense here, and how we haven't faced a good zone defense this year. Miami is the only team in the ACC who uses a base zone defense (but nearly everyone uses a zone at some point), but they didnt use much matchup zone against us.

The 1-3-1 that Michigan employs, in pressure situations, has the advantage that it allows you to put pressure on the arc and the high post, yet still allows for trapping. Its weakness is in rebounding and defense in the paint with that single defender, so to break it up Booker and Sykes must beat it inside and create opportunities off the boards. An explanation of the 1-3-1 can be found here. Michigan also employs the other forms, like 1-2-2 (Duke) and 2-3 (what Shyatt always ran).

John Beilein talks about Clemson on a Michigan radio show here.

A full statistical comparison of CU vs. UM can be found here.

Clemson pitchers shutout PC 8-0 in a 5-hitter yesterday, our 6th win in a row. They face USCS tonight.