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Tuesday News Reel

We now know what happened in Texas...(image courtesy EDSBS)

Basketball-Trevor Booker is 2nd in voting for the Coaches' All-ACC defense squad. He leads the conference in FG PCT., Rebs/game, 2nd in blocks/game and averaged a double-double in league play...the only guy who did. Does he deserve 1st Team All-ACC over someone else?

KC Rivers moved to 6th on the Career scoring list after the WF game.

The spring football articles don't contain much that you can't figure out yourself.

Greg Wallace has a piece on the QB battle between Korn and Parker. Korn says similar things on TI and in other articles, confirming that he shouldn't have played vs. Duke, and I'm concerned by one statement, talking of the attitude of Bowden/Spence after his collarbone fracture.
"I guess the coaching staff that was here before coach Swinney just thought it was going to work its way out and everything was going to be fine. It was not something that was really taken seriously, and I kind of felt like I was really on my own just working on it."

Swinney has stopped referring to the depth chart as 1, 2, 3rd team and now wants to use the terms Attack, Swarm, and Pride for defense; orange, purple, pride for offense. In case you wondered, we are certainly not the first to give the 3 teams wierd names.

Dabo indicated that Spiller and Ford will not scrimmage at all this spring, because the track team is competing for the NCAAs. I don't like this at all. While I dont want a RB to take a lot of hits in the spring, and brittle Jacoby either, I do want them out there in it with everyone else. This team needs that leadership. Its not going to come from a new QB or any other WRs this season; it must come from Ford and Spiller.

That said, I hope they win some titles at the NCAAs. Jacoby has the #1 60m dash time in the nation.

Jon Richt has decided to transfer to a smaller school. We're still 4 deep at QB next fall with Boyd in, but he will almost certainly redshirt because of his knee.

Coach Swinney has not yet inked his contract, and is expected to soon. It'll be 800k annually. If he wins the ACC Title, it jumps to over 2 million. The difference now compared to Bowden is that Swinney forced Clemson to give assistants multi-year deals. Swinney has no buyout clause, but if Clemson fires him, he is still owed a year's salary. So....if Swinney wins 10 games next year, this contract will pretty much be null and you can expect him to get a new, much bigger deal.

I dont know WTF to think about this....