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A shitty day.

The State gives its rundown of how Clemson failed to stop Toney Douglas. As much as that sucks, it shows that what Clemson lacks is a true leader and high-scorer in the backcourt. Some Clemson fans will say that Rivers is the shit, or Booker is the man, but while they are good, they are not what Hansbrough, Teague, or Douglas are.

Like I've said before, a Will Solomon-type scorer is what we need offensively.

But I guess it doesnt matter when you turn the ball over 20+ times like we have in our losses, and get your ass kicked in transition. They only had 8 steals, so it was all us. GNews gives a game recap. Larry Williams has his version here.

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We have UVA at home tuesday night.

We lost 3-1 to the Cluckers yesterday, with Stoneburner giving up two runs in the 9th to lose it...basically we couldnt get a hit.

"They pitched well, but two hits is not going to get it done," coach Jack Leggett said. "We didn’t get any leadoff guys on, and (that makes it) tough to get something going offensively. They just got more timely hits than we did."

TNet has the stats here. Today's game at 1:30 in Cola has been cancelled due to weather and they'll try to reschedule, which means if they can even squeeze it in, it'll be a midweek game.

Ron Morris has an article up on the contrasting recruiting philosophies of Ray Tanner (JUCOs) and Jack Leggett (all HS players).

Antwan Murchison (the lone Sr. DT, and one of the strongest guys on the team) is leaving the team, and plans to transfer to SC State, NC Central, or NC A&T to play his last year of eligibility. The lack of PT is the main factor, but he would've gotten more this year with us only having 5 (official) DTs. Its obvious that someone will have to move over from DE, like Branch, Traylor, etc. Defensive tackle now becomes a recruiting priority for next season.