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Pre-Spring Press conference

Just a few news and notes from the press conference and other sources.

Position movements and injuries:
DE Rennie Moore, who RS'd last year will move inside to DT, while Jamie Cumbie will move outside to DE. M. Goodman will be thrown into the mix at DE, and right now it appears he won't be redshirted. Dabo believes that Sapp will be ready by August.

Barry Humphries (C/G) nor Spencer Adams (S) will get full contact this spring, perhaps light contact at the end of camp.

Brandon Maye and Stanley Hunter will both get looks at Sam and Will, while Kavell Connor will likely move inside and battle Tig Willard (who had appendicitis last week) for Mike. Cooper is listed at Sam, but will crosstrain for Will. Steele is playing with the whole LB lineup to get a good fit for his system (which I'll go into later).

QB and Kicker are wide open, they are not naming a starter yet for either. Parker will be at practice and will miss two games at BC in baseball.

Dye and Clear will get their first look at X (SE). Brandon Ford at slot (A/Y), and Jaron Brown at any of the 3: X, A and Z (FL). I expect Dye to get an outside WR position (X or Z). B. Ford, M. Jones, those guys will almost assuredly get PT at a slot position. If Jaron Brown is as good as they say he is, X or Z is his spot. The fact that they are not moving Jacoby over outside is not a good thing in my opinion, as it probably means he's still going to get these damn quick slants and hitches instead of more vertical routes.

Other stuff of interest

Practice will be open on tuesday (7pm) and wednesday (2pm) in full gear, but wont be as long as in years past.
Danny Ford and Pat Dye will be speaking at the coaches clinic at the end of the month.

Jamie Harper is down to 220lbs, losing 18lbs.

Jacoby and CJ will not practice as much, due to track obligations. I dont support this decision. I understand that they are looking to evaluate the young guys, but Jacoby needs to be someone who can catch the ball 60 times, and he needs the practice. CJ needs the work as well. Repetition leads to execution, and if one thing is true of Clemson's offense, its that our execution sucks. One or two practices is fine, and I don't know how many they'll miss, but if its more then this is not a good thing.

If you've got $2000 to blow, here's something to do after Spring Practice is over. With "all-in" workouts and "all-in" bowl, this "All-In" shit is getting annoying. It could be worth it to get coached by Danny Ford on something though.

The baseball team's bats woke up against Asheville, 17-2. Former Gaffney pitcher Justin Surratt got the win....but why the starter came out with a huge lead in the 4th, I dont know. Stan Widmann has decided to hang it up, due to numerous injuries.