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Just some news...

Oh yeah baby.

Funny post from TNet.
Jerri Spurrier died and went to Heaven. St. Peter was giving her a tour of Heaven when she noticed that there were clocks everywhere. Each clock displayed a different time of day. When she asked St. Peter about the clocks, he replied, "We have a clock for each person on earth, and every time they tell a lie the hands move. The clock ticks off one second every time a lie is told. See this clock, it belonged to Mother Teresa and never moved, indication that she never told a lie. This clock for George Washington only moved twice. He only told two lies in his life."

Jerri asked, "Where is Steve's clock?" "Jesus has it in his office" St. Peter replied, "he's using it as a ceiling fan."

Clemson faces GT today at 2pm in the Georgia Dome. We've never beaten GT in the ACC Tournament....but we've also not perennially been this good. Here is the statistical breakdown.

An online webcast is available here. You can also try raycom's website and ESPN360.

The O-List takes a crack at the All-Time Clemson starting 5 here. Jim Sutherland is not one that sprang into my mind, I would've put in Greg Bucker at the 3.

This P&C article talking about what the team does with the box scores and statistics of each game is different than most of the usual banal basketball news, so give it a read.

Bart Wright talks about the turnover bug that has cost us every game we've lost this year:
When it won 73-59 at home, Clemson had 13 assists and 13 turnovers against Tech; when it won 81-73 in Atlanta, Clemson had 16 assists and 18 turnovers.

Turnovers have been an Achilles' heel of sorts, and Georgia Tech was the only team Clemson beat all season in the ACC that it didn't gain an advantage over in assists and turnovers.

If that doesn't get corrected today, the ACC Tournament might feel like the old days at Clemson, and there's nothing at all good about that.

An interesting article about Clemson's offensive plays for those who like to study the game's technical aspects is here.

Be thankful they didnt decide to stick you this year. Four years steady. It'll go up next year no matter what, its one of those laws of the Universe.

Greg Wallace at the SHJ writes about how Jamie Harper got his fatass back in shape for football. Hopefully no game-changing fumbles this season either.

Clemson commit Martavius Bryant made the Rivals100 list at #38, and is rated a 4-star WR in the first edition of their rankings for 2010. Marcus Lattimore (5-star, #4 overall), Brandon Willis (4-star, #21), Alec Ogletree (4-star, #31), Brent Benedict (4, #40) Markieth Ambles (4, #23) are just a few of the prime targets we have on this list. Joe Craig made the Rivals 250 as a 4-star, as did Hopkins.

Several beatwriters have mentioned the change in intensity in this year's spring practice, forcing players to always hustle on and off the field, and to be more vocal, one even quoted Dabo saying this:
"The time isn’t next year, or two years or three years," he told the team. "The time is this 15 days of practice. We might not win, but we’re going to do the little things right, or by god, you won’t play for me."

Good. No more damn excuses.

The first practice in full pads went well apparently. The scuttle is that Malliciah Goodman nor J.K. Jay will actually be redshirted, particularly not Goodman, he is impressing too many people. Unfortunately, all indications are that our Kickers blow chunks, and Skinner isn't doing well at longsnapping. Most articles on the Korn/Parker situation talk about Parker's velocity and Korn's messed-up mechanics (he drops his shoulder), but Korn is hitting his targets and Parker's throws are sailing at the moment.

The Oklahoma Drill was brought back from the visit to Texas, with the intention of toughening up the lines. It's called that because it was invented by Bud Wilkinson at OU (the main guy before Switzer, 1947-63), and its been renamed the PAW Drill (Position About Winning; i'm gettin sick of these names Dabo comes up with, honestly). If you played in HS, you might know it as the Pit Drill. The drill pits three offensive linemen against three defensive linemen in a space 16 feet, 7 inches wide and 10 yards long. A running back is positioned behind the offensive linemen and is given three plays to gain 10 yards. The OL has won most of the battles in camp so far.

The Tigers never used the drill under Bowden, instead using a "board drill" that consisted of one-on-one matchups.

David Blackwell is interviewing for a Co-Coordinator job at South Florida with former Cincinatti DC Joe Tressey. He is expected to take it if its offered. Jim Leavitt pretty much fired everybody on his staff that interviewed for jobs elsewhere this offseason, so he needs some help. To fill the spot on the staff, we will hopefully try to go get Dan Brooks, who was initially rumored to come in with The Chief from Tennessee (I'm surprised he didnt get offered at LSU). Brooks is an ace recruiter, far better than Blackwell if you ask me. He also is the main reason UT gets players from NC, and we'll need the help against Butch Davis.

EDIT: he did take the job.

We thumped Michigan State twice already this week, tuesday 15-2 and wednesday afternoon 6-1, further fueling my belief that teams from up north can't play baseball.

The series times for Wake Forest this weekend have been changed because of the approaching storm system.

Kyle Parker is struggling mightily at the plate, hitting .136 and is 4-40 lately. With the strain of football on top of this, I honestly think he needs to take some time away over the NCAA mandate (he was required to take a day off this week). He's going to miss two BC games, but I'd make him take off the whole weekend if I was Jack.