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Jacoby Ford wins national title, and we're in asa 7 seed

Jacoby Ford locked down his 60m national championship.

The ACC puts in BC, MD, FSU, Duke, UNC, WF, and Clemson for the NCAAs. I thought FSU deserved better than a #5 seed, and Maryland lucked out to get a #10. We face (20-13, 9-9) Michigan in the first round thursday, and are in the same region as Oklahoma. All games are streamed online. 30 teams from power conferences were selected in at-large bids, and only 4 mid-major at-large picks, down from a tops of 12 in 2004. Out of any who didn't make it, I think Creighton really deserved one. The bracket is here.

Ron Morris has an article up thats different from his usual bomb-throwing, and praises both Horn at SC and Purnell.


Clemson baseball finished the sweep of Wake Forest 7-3 sunday afternoon. Its our 11th straight win over Wake in baseball at home, and we're now 11-4 (4-2). Kyle Parker tore WF pitching up this weekend. Clemson rises to #20 nationally after the weekend.


Other candidates for the open DT Coach spot are Marlon Hobby (former assistant here) and former Auburn DL coach Don Dunn, in addition to Ron West, but West is an outside shot. Brooks has Steele and WoodyMac lobbying his case and already knows most guys on the staff, so an interview would really only be a formality.