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I think the Colonel should wear orange

then they'll be protesting outside of Billy Brice and Death Valley at Thanksgiving, the same way they do for KFC, since we slaughter just as many birds. So cruel....but so fun to watch.

Safety/LB issues: As I've mentioned, the new system requires alot of formation checks and coverage calls by the free safety, making it a more involved position on the field which does not bode well when you have real problems with inexperience there. Harbison likes everyone in the secondary to practice at all the positions, and Rashard Hall has been getting plenty at FS with Sadat Chambers, along with reps at SS and $ (aligns beside Mike as the 2nd LB in Nickel/Dime packages and plays like a SS). Steele has commented on how we might have a problem there with the learning curve, and that Hall isnt doing so hot at making the coverage calls.

At SLB, Scotty Cooper is progressing well but needs to improve along with along with all the backups to Connor and Maye. The DL is totally being coached by Rumph until Brooks' hiring becomes official (background checks), but Steele is happy about the depth in the line for now.

That last part won't last, as we can all see from the numbers. This article puts the questions out there.

QB/WR Battle Swinney's comments after Wednesday's practice indicate that he thinks we have the pieces to be good, but aren't there yet. He is most upset about the WR's numerous drops, but they are battling for consistency. Clear has had good days, as has Jaron Brown, but they are inconsistent.

On the QB battle he said this:
"There's nobody separating. It's still very competitive through five practices and this was our first scrimmage type situation. We're trying to give them some equal opportunities. I'm pleased. It's a very good situation. We've got good players there. I know there's a lot of people out there very concerned about the quarterback position, but I'm more concerned about some other spots to be honest with you. I think we've got a couple of good players there who are going to get it done for us. I like the leadership and the intangibles that are present in our quarterbacks. I think they''ve got the right stuff. They're not game ready yet but they're very competitive and we'll see how it goes from there.

But he did comment afterwards on how he is impressed with how quickly Parker is picking up the offense, and that he hopes to name a starter but its not apparent yet.

The RBs, Ellington, Harper and CJ are getting some praiseso far from the coaches.
As for Ellington, who has drawn rave reviews from the coaching staff not only during spring ball but going back to his red-shirt year last season, Swinney said he sees a lot of similarities between him and Spiller, who is widely considered among the most exciting and explosive players in college football.

"Andre is a guy that’s kind of cut out of the same mold as C.J.," Swinney said. "He’s very, very similar in a lot of ways – great hands, can do a lot of different things, going to have a huge role, has the home run ability."

A pretty good read on Coach Pearman (OT/TE) from CUTigers is here.

Kyle Parker will miss the first two games at BC this weekend, a series we badly need to win to take the Atlantic. Weather could mean he would miss all 3. A preview of the weekend is here.

Injuries to SP Trey Delk (lower back), Wilson Boyd (mouth ulcer from wisdom teeth), Addison Johnson (hamstring), RP Weismann (shoulder soreness) and midweek starter Kevin Brady (can't throw strikes) will make us further shorthanded in the next couple weeks.

They managed to sweep a tuesday doubleheader from Elon, our 9th home win in a row. Sarratt threw 4.3 no-hit innings a couple weeks ago, 5 innings in the no-no last week, and got his ass kicked against Elon. Thats how it works. At least he's available friday in relief, since he pitched so few innings.

Clemson is going to offer Seth Curry, even though we do not have a scholarship available for him at the moment. You can certainly bet the rest of the ACC is going after him as well, and Dell Curry played at VT.

A review of the ACC's Strength of Schedule is available here.

An article on the accolades of incoming recruits Jennings and Donte Hill from TNet, with videos.