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FSU fan accuses Swinney of bad recruiting practice

So in addition to crazy-ass women, we have sillyness among the ranks of fans at FSU, who have accused Dabo Swinney of unethical recruiting practices.

The guys at Block-C checked their email inbox before I did this morning, and have already responded to the article, which I totally agree with.

Another FSU blog site, ScalpEm, takes a less harsh tone against their fans, but essentially agrees.

Could such a thing have occured? Yes. When I logged onto Tardnet on the afternoon when the probation was announced, at least half the idiots thought that FSU was banned from ACC title appearances, bowl games, and would be killed by the loss of scholarships. Its quite conceivable that some moron, as in Billy-Bob-the-marketing-major who works in the film department, told some recruit that they'd get hit hard by probation. Very few people read the actual report....the same fucking idiots who accuse Coach Ford of ungodly things without reading or researching the NCAA reports on '82 and '89.

Did such a thing occur by one of our coaches? Its possible, but I seriously doubt it. If it did then I certainly do not believe its malicious. It wouldn't be Steele, since he was a former Bowden assistant who has said not one cross word in interviews given to Ard or anyone else I've seen while researching him. Tommy wouldn't have done it, and most of these guys are a carryover from his staff. Swinney has not given us one inkling of any maliciousness in anything, so I would never believe it is him. If youre waiting on an apology, don't hold your breath.

The article mentions an inside "source"....the same sources that everyone on TNet supposedly has. You heard about Steele a month before? So did I, from TNet. We just know, after years of reading the shit that gets posted there daily, to take it with a grain of salt and wait to see what happens.

The truth is, given that I actually did read the report, that you do deserve more punishment by the NCAA. However, since the NCAA is now a giant vagina, it doesnt surprise me that you did not.