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Basketball wins, baseball loses a toughone

Clemson looked good in the 2nd half, creating a drunk frenzy to wallop UVA 75-57 last night at Senior night at Littlejohn. Our turnovers dropped to 15, and 8 were steals. We're now guaranteed back-to-back winning conference records for the 2nd time in school history, and we have the most wins since 1989-90. Booker's big dunk early in the 2nd turned the game around. Larry Williams has a good article up on Senior K.C. Rivers, whose 91 wins in 4 years is a Clemson record.

Complete statsheet breakdown.

IF we beat Wake, and VT beats FSU, we have a bye in the first round of the ACC Tourney.

A Shoeless vid of Sykes' dunk is here.

Georgia Tech highlights are on youtube, and the UVA highlights are just below, both compiled by ShoelessCU.

Tiger baseball blew a no-hitter in the 9th and lost to Furman 4-2 in 14 innings. Nothing is more depressing for a baseball team than to lose one that you have in your hands, and it always seems that once the no-no is broken up, the shit immediately hits the fan.

We have UNC-Asheville this afternoon. Kyle Parker and Mike Freeman are a combined 5-for-39, and Parker is 0-for-15 lately. Bats will hopefully warm up as the weather does. Some want to blame Reginos or Leggett's small ball philosophy, but Jack has won enough to deserve the benefit of the doubt from us, unlike Tommy.