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Baseball fails to come through

I was able to see two of the games against FSU this weekend. My impression of this team is that they are just too tight in clutch situations. The defense let them down and cost them crucial outs during the first loss friday night especially, and when you give someone extra outs they'll beat you eventually. Its also quite apparent when your team hits poorly with runners on base, and we couldnt do much of anything. They beat us friday, 5-2. Saturday, we pulled one out in late innings, 8-7. Sunday, we lost 7-4.

FSU's batters fought off dozens of pitches with 2 strikes, and with runners on, making our guys work for the outs. Some of the defensive errors are because of the aluminum bat: balls come off with more speed than a wooden bat, but they were plays that could've been made. The Seminoles, who won the series 2-1, improved to 11-8 overall and 3-4 in ACC play. Clemson dropped to 14-6 overall and 5-4 in the ACC, just percentage points behind Boston College, who we play next.

If we dont win that series at BC, I don't see this team getting it together to win the ACC, but its baseball and shit happens, so who knows.

The weekend caused us to drop to #20 in one poll, and out of the other.

Word is that Dan Brooks interviewed for the DL job yesterday afternoon, and will be offered. Ron West was interested in coming back, but is reportedly sticking around in Tulsa. TI says the deal is essentially done, but the official hire will take some time for background checks and the like.

Big surprise!