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What the hell happened? of few highlights for Clemson...

Just when you think that FSU was an aberration and this team is ready to claim the #3 spot in the ACC this season for good, they take a dump on themselves. Typical Clemson....just when you think youre good, it falls apart. But really, it just shows that we're not there yet. Still, the insanity on TNet is to be expected, because no one should be happy when you lose to the shittiest teams in the conference and play awful the whole game.

Puke choked as well against BC, so we're in a 4-way tie for 3rd place at 6-4 (Duke is 7-4). Several authors are talking about the way we stunk it up, Bart Wright has a good piece reminding us that we could've been locked into 2nd place had we won. I do believe this makes Maryland and GT necessary wins though.

I just want to know why you continue to toss 3's up when they dont fall, (Tigers were down 33-25 at the half after missing 10 of 11 shots from 3-point range) and why Booker couldnt do jack in the 2nd half being positioned at the VERY high post when he should be low, and why sometimes we just can't get a rebound. Rebounding is all hustle and very little technique. We also got our ass beat in transition again, just like our other ACC losses. Clemson committed 21 turnovers, its most in conference play, and Virginia turned those miscues into 18 points.

Futbawl-An article by Greg Wallace about Jeff Scott being named the new Recruiting Coordinator, and how excited he is to be taking over the job.

Thomas Austin, Brandon Maye, CJ Spiller, Buchholz, and Maners were named 2008 All-ACC Academic Team members.

Tomahawk Nation has a good breakdown of the ACC recruiting class this year and how it stacks up against some of the other conferences here. In their estimation we rank 2nd overall in the power conferences.