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Scholarship Breakdown: Pre Springpractice

The asterisk denotes a player who has spent one year on RS.

Position 2009 2010 2011 2012
QB (5)
-M. Wade* -W. Korn* -K. Parker*
-Jon Richt*
-Tajh Boyd

RB (4) -C.J. Spiller
-Jamie Harper -A. Ellington*
-R. McDowell
FB (2)

-Chad Diehl* -Tyler Shatley
TE (4) -D. Barry*
-R. Taylor*
-M. Palmer

-Dwayne Allen*
WR (8) -Jacoby Ford
-Jeff Ogren*
-Xavier Dye
-Brandon Clear*
-Marquan Jones
-Brandon Ford*
-Jaron Brown*
-Bryce McNeal
C (2) -Barry Humphries*

-Matt Sanders*
OG (8) -Jamarcus Grant*
-Thomas Austin*
-W. Norris*
-D. Smith*
-M. Cloy*
-A. McClain
-K. Page*
-D. Freeman*
OT (6) -Cory Lambert* -Chris Hairston*
-Jamal Medlin*
-Landon Walker * -J.K. Jay
-Brandon Thomas
DT (4) -Jarvis Jenkins
-M. Chavis
-J. Cumbie*
-Brandon Thompson
DE (10) -Ricky Sapp
-Kevin Alexander
-Kourtnei Brown
-D. Taylor*
-R. Moore*
-A. Branch*
-Da'Quan Bowers
-D. Smith
-M. Goodman
LB (12) -K. Conner*
-Jeremy Campbell
-S. Cooper
-B. Maye*
-S. Hunter
-D. Andrews
-T. Rollins*
-Tig Willard*
-Q. Christian
-C. Hawkins
-S. Shuey
SS/FS(5) -Sadat Chambers* DeAndre McDaniel
-S. Adams*
-C. Lewis Jr.*
-R. Hall*
-J. Meeks
CB (6) -C. Chancellor*
-Crezdon Butler
-B. Maxwell*
-Marcus Gilchrist
-Coty Sensabaugh -Xavier Brewer*
PK (2)
-Richard Jackson*
-Spencer Benton*
P (1)

-D. Zimmerman
ST (1)

-Matt Skinner
Totals (80 of 85) 16 15 21 28

Posted by Huckittome on TNet. I was already working on it but this saves me time. Tyler Shatley was brought in as DT, but at 260 is too small for the position, and wouldnt get much PT even at 300lbs, so they say. He could either backup or play FB, and I currently believe he'll slim down for FB. Terrance Ashe is not yet on Scholarship. Let me know if there are glaring mistakes.

A. Murchison is leaving the team and that scholarship becomes free, so I'm taking him off the table. He is technically on scholarship and will stay for spring to get his degree, but the lack of PT is apparently the main factor. He surely would've gotten more this year though. This loss makes it harder for us at DT and someone will be moved over. Shatley may be forced to stick at DT and bulk up.