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National Signing Day

Tigernet updated link with video and bio's is up, so I don't have to find the videos.

There is a video up of Corico Hawkins' signing here.

Kendall Kelly picked Alabama, but teammate Darrell Smith chose Clemson. This means we'll likely finish with just the 12 commits.

Sam Montgomery picked LSU. Craig Loston also signed with them. Clearly LSU loves Tom Bowden today.
Tim Simon picked Ole Piss, as did Bobby Massie.
Leon Mackey did sign with Sakerlina.
Former commit Larry Raper is still deciding, but it'll likely be with WF if they offer. Clemson backed off him when he decommitted, which means he burned a bridge.
Eric Fields signed with Northwest Miss. CC.
Bryce Brown will sign a LOI later, likely by the end of the month. He thinks he's another Terrell Pryor.

This was always going to be a small class, as the coaches planned to initially sign around 20 players. That number was figured including the early departure of a couple juniors currently on the team. By my count, we have 69 scholarship players on the team, leaving only 16 available scholarships for fall (you can only have 85 on scholly in fall). At least 3 players have been mentioned as deserving scholarships, and Dabo has said he will give these players their scholarship for the fall. We will take a closer look at the scholarship breakdown later.

Edit: Dabo's press conf stated that we had only 15 available scholarships, and the plan was initially to take 17-19 players. As it stands today, we have 17 scholarships available for next year and they hope to sign 20-22 next year.

"There is a misconception out there. I feel like some people feel like we're suppose to sign 25 kids every year. I'd love to sign 25, but there's another number that counts, and that's 85. You can sign a bunch of guys you know who are not going to qualify if you want a high recruiting ranking, but that's not really my objective. I want the best players, guys who will represent Clemson in a manner that we all want to see."

2009 Incoming class is ranked 37th overall by Rivals, which has a quantity component. It is ranked 11th in terms of average star rating.

Tajh Boyd QB 6-0 208 4.7 Hampton, VA
Quandon Christian LB 6-3 205 4.51 Lake View, SC
Malliciah Goodman DE 6-4 255 4.57 Florence, SC
Corico Hawkins LB 6-0 218 4.53 Milledgeville, GA
J.K. Jay OL 6-6 275 4.78 Greenville, SC
Roderick McDowell RB 5-10 175 4.4 Sumter, SC
Bryce McNeal WR 6-2 170 4.45 Minneapolis, MN
Jonathan Meeks DB 6-2 203 4.4 Chatham, VA
Tyler Shatley DT 6-3 255 4.75 Connellys Springs, NC
Spencer Shuey LB 6-4 241 4.7 Charlotte, NC
Darrell Smith DE 6-3 237 4.6 Gadsden, AL
Brandon Thomas OL 6-4 280 4.7 Spartanburg, SC