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A much needed victory

Clemson stepped up after the letdown against FSU and pulled away from Boston College late to get its 20th win 87-77. I'd say about 4 more wins will give us good enough record in conference and allow us to lock up a spot on the Tournament. I originally thought we'd be a bubble team this year, but am pleasantly surprised.

Take of the game from BC fans is here. He's pretty on target.

I was surprised at how well Sykes played, he finally justified the minutes he's getting. Booker also stepped up after the awful game against FSU. 20 offensive rebounds was the deciding factor I believe.

An article out today by Andy Katz talks about how Clemson is still eyeing an ACC Title. We're a game behind UNC and Duke right now, but we have to do our job and win the rest of our games and not worry about who else loses to who, same as always. A regular season title would be great, but I'd prefer a Tournament title given the choice. Another article on Fox Sports talks about us here.

Clemson isn't going away anytime soon.

I never thought I'd see the day when the Tigers' basketball program would have staying power, but Tuesday night's road win at Boston College gave Oliver Purnell's program three consecutive 20-win campaigns.