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More Random Ramblings

It was great to see the Tigers bounce back from a piss poor 2nd half against FSU. The win against BC gets OP's boys approx 3 ACC wins from an NCAA tourney birth. To this point, this group has done a much better job than most of us expected going in, and still have a chance to make a run at the ACC Regular Season Championship (there are still a lot of games left, and CU almost needs to run the table for a legit shot at the title).

Onward, the NCAA is doing more to give the damn officials more influence over the games. Per ESPN (link), the rules committee seems to think that the college game should be an N.F.L. (No Fun League). While I dislike players showing their asses more than anyone, taking the game out of the participants hands and placing it under the discretion of an official seems asinine and does not align with the spirit of the sport. They have already fucked up game play enough by botching up clock rules on a yearly basis (the clock should stop after every possession change and every time a player goes out of bounds, no matter the situation. Why the fuck should a possession mid-way through the 3rd quarter be treated any different from a game clock stand point than the last drive of the game?).

Speaking of dumbass legislation, what in the hell do the idiots in Washington think they are doing now? Better buy as much gold as you can now, cause the dollar won't be worth a shit when these guys get done spending $800 billion of our money peddling in issues that government has no need to look into. The current spending bill is a bill that arose from liberals striking the fear of Armageddon into US citizens. These a-holes then line the bill with all sorts of crap that the Dems have been trying to push through legislation for 30+ years now, with the leader of the pack warning us all that the world will end if the bill is not passed.

How can anyone endorse this extreme and reckless deficit spending while ignoring the high probability that ramped inflation will soon follow. Furthermore, how can someone convince a good portion of this country that tossing money at the symptoms will not cure the core issues? Where is Ronald Reagan when you need him to restore capitalism and save this country from the Socialist state that we will soon become?

Back to the sporting arena, who knew that rolling with an Olympic hero would be detrimental to your livelihood. According to reports out of the Mecca, people are getting picked off left and right (wow). I want to know just a couple of things (and no, I am not condoning the use of any illegal substances):
a) Who in the hell wants to pay $100,000 for anything off of EBay?
b) Why didn't Orenthol hire these investigators these guys to help find the "real killer(s)"
c) Who knew there was so much money in beer-pong? match the two large