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Clemson drops to 11/12 in both polls.

AP and Coaches Polls for Feb. 9.

I'm not happy about us dropping and Duke only dropping a couple spots, Puke shouldnt be ranked ahead of us, but we shouldnt be blowing a FUCKING 19 POINT LEAD AGAINST ANYBODY AT HOME OR AWAY, who gives a shit if it was against FSU and not UNC or UConn.

-We scored 4 points in the last 9 minutes. Thats just plain shitty.
-We got our ass kicked on the glass.
-We turned the ball over 18 times.
-Booker and Sykes got manhandled on both ends down the stretch.
-We got our ass kicked in transition....again.

FSU beat us with their defense. I can't say we didn't "show up", but we certainly quit playing basketball at the 9:41 mark.

Was Duke playing that bad, or were we that good Wednesday night? Before you answer, I have one question, have you ever seen a Duke team play that bad against anyone for a whole game?