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Tiger catches a Chicken

Some chick from the Left Coast thinks that SOS is full of shit for oversigning guys who can't even make it into SEC schools. Read the comments to see Cockfan go batshit on her.

An LSU Fan calls them on it
Feb 5, 2009
9:26 AM

You people have got to be kidding. S Carolina is a complete embarrasment to SEC, and I would personally rather replace you in the SEC with your instate rival (that dominates you year in and year out) over Carolina due to the fact that they resemble an SEC school much more than you do. At least Vandy brings academics to the table, what have you guys ever done other than create an avenue for hall of fame coaches to tarnish their legacy? Your fans are completely delusional, and your stadium seriously had a stench of hot garbage when I went for the LSU game this year. Please stop saying "next year...", you are not, I can assure you. Carolina has been a complete joke for 100 years and I don't think that is going to change anytime soon.

Also, whoever used Dunta Robinson as an example of guys that "Spurrier kept in school" should probably stop there, considering he was already in the NFL when Spurrier decided to take that job. This recruiting class is no different than any other class you have had lately, they are still going to finish 4th in the East and lose to Clemson probably all four years.