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Wednesday News

Heather Dinich gives a short summary of the ACC season and then final power rankings, but basically all you hear is that Clemson is average and Bowden was fired, whoopee.

Kevin Steele talks about how he and Dabo met and worked the whole thing out. He mentions the defensive schemes he'll run, and points out that the coverage packages are the only difference between the Mickey Andrews' defense and what Saban runs. Saban tends to run "Robber" and combo coverages, while Andrews will stick mostly to a press or zone.

"The defense that Nick Saban ran at LSU is not really a whole lot different than Florida State's, to be quite frank with you, other than some coverage stuff," he said. "And it's not at all different than what we ran at the Carolina Panthers.

"That defense at LSU was run out of 4-3 personnel, yet the Miami Dolphins ran it out of 3-4 personnel."

Designed to take advantage of personnel mismatches similar to NFL teams, most of the differences will be subtle.

In fact, Steele said, after watching all of the Tigers' game from last season, he believes next season's team won't look "too terribly different than Vic and those guys ran."

Baseball again ranked 26th
This is the first I've heard of Kris Benson making a comeback. He was awesome here, but for some reason it never worked in the pro's for any of those great pitchers on that team.

National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association posted its preseason poll, and like the last one, we're opening at #26.

Dick Vitale finally writes an article about Clemson vs. WF, but he really isn't bragging about Clemson at all. Big surprise, but we'll get respect when we start beating teams like WF or UNC or Duke on the road. I have hope that we'll beat WF, but @UNC is another story altogether.

OH MY GOD A REBIRTH! Carolina wins the National Championship next year, just you wait and see. Thankfully Bart Wright has a little common sense though:

Usually, when there's history in the making on a college football team, you can sense it here and there during the season, but that was never the case in 2008 for the University of South Carolina.
Oh, they had their moments, like the early season loss at Vanderbilt that hinted it might be another of those seasons of Carolina underachievement their fans have come to know and loathe.

Recruiting News:
--Tajh Boyd is still considering a visit, possibly for this weekend, but more likely for the 24th. Napier and Pearman are recruiting him. I see us as an outside shot right now.

--Schofield will be making a visit to Tennessee in a couple weeks, and then we'll see if we can pull him away from their list.

--Clemson has completely backed off Larry Raper.

--TE Terrell Mitchell, who was pushed back by the Staff for last weekend, says he is planning to visit this weekend. He is the only TE on the board this year.