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Topic Jumping

Dabo came out with coaching assignments for the 2009 season today with little surprises in the mix. At one point I thought that he may go out and find an offensive coordinator with some coordinating experience, but it is obvoius that Swinney is comfortable with Napier. His move to award B. Napier the OC job was also made to lock Billy into this role, as he has done a good job recruiting over the past few years.

Speaking of recruiting, we all expect a few signatures to come from this past recruiting weekend. North Carolina native Spencer Shuey gave the Tigers a verbal. I don't know much about this guy, only that he had offers from Kentucky, Duke, and the Illinois Zookers. I am a little dissapointed that Tajih Boyd chose not to visit this weekend, and it looks as though he will roll with the sweater vest or sport some rediculous combination of green and yellow next season. It also looks as though Spurlid is banned from a high school campus sorry, your scholly has been pulled.

And for all the jackasses out there (i.e., Tigernet All-Americans) who believe that the medioracy that Tom Bowden brought to Tigertown was unavoidable, that Clemson cannot compete with such parity, and that the field is so level and Clemson at such a disadvantage needs to talk to Oliver Purnell. What he has done at Clemson is just short of turning water into wine, especially with the group left behind by Shyatt. While I do think that Clemson is getting a tremendous amount of hype, I will have to admit that I am (for the first time in a decade) actually expecting the Tigers to be successful on the hardwood.

Finally, who isn't excited about one more season of kissing Tim Tebow's ass. Yeah, I get it, the guy is a good guy. He is a missionary. He won a Heisman trophy. He has two championship rings. He rolls with well endowed women. All of this is great, but don't jam it down the public's throat every chance you get (i.e., Jerome Bettis is from Detroit, Phillip Rivers has a wife and kids, etc...). Also, he may want to figure out how to throw a spiral in order to play in the professional ranks. It would be nice for him to run for 2 bills and throw for 3 against the chickens in '09.