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Swinney Post-Season News Conference.

Nothing came out of this that we dont already know, but several outlets are talking about it.

The most interesting piece is that Charlie Harbison will be splitting some DC duties with Steele, which I'm not really excited about. Harbison is a good coach, and his defenses have done well, but having Dual-DCs is a big clusterfuck waiting to happen. One man needs to be the boss. As I expected (and hoped), we'll be a 4-3 defensive base set.


-Ron West interviewed at Tulsa (again) and Presbyterian, and will have an admin position if he stays at Clemson. I don't see that happening, even though he's a Clemson man.
-Napier is OC/QB Coach, and still Recruiting Coordinator for now, but that might change. Woo. He merely says he's going to "attack" offensively.....hopefully more than you did in that Bowl game Dabo. He plans to use the QB to attack in the running game, which means option plays and designed keepers for Korn. Kyle Parker will miss only a few Baseball games because of spring practice, and he's discussing things with Leggett.
-Pearman is Asst. HC, TE, OT.
-Powell is RBs, ST Coordinator.
-Jeff Scott is WRs, might be the next Rec. Coord.
-Rumph is DE, Blackwell now DT.
-Fat Brad is C/OG coach.
-He doesnt think anyone besides CJ will leave early, but not sure on CJ himself.
-Rendrick Taylor is at 265lbs, which makes him and H-back/TE type, and has 7% bodyfat. Christ.

My only hope, now that things appear final with the staff, is that Napier and Swinney (who thankfully isnt afraid to interject in play-calling) do institute more of a run-oriented spread option attack, and ditch this multiple power "pods" formation crap we've been running. If youre going to run a spread, run a spread, but be able to run the ball between the tackles. Bunching everyone up close and using tight splits only to throw the football from that (when you cant execute play-action or run the ball) makes no sense to me.

Of course if they teach Korn how to run PA and can run the ball otherwise, I think its fine, but none of them on the staff have proven they can do that.

Recruiting news:
Spencer Shuey committed over the weekend, and we made some progress on OT JaQuari Schofield (4), S Jonathan Scott (3), and DB Justin Green (4) and Tim Simon. While Shuey is only a 2-star, I think its important to note his size (which is big for a HS LB). This kid displayed his talents at the Shrine Bowl, and both Clemson and UNC came for him late. Roderic Blunt looks to be a fallback choice.

Sam Montgomery has been the eye of Steele since coming on staff, and hopefully we can talk him into an official visit. He's been here several times on unofficials. LSU is still the team to beat, but changed DL coaches recently so we have a chance.

TE Terrell Mitchell, the only real TE on our board this year, did not make his visit. "No more room" when we only had 13 guys slated to come in? That sounds like we're slowly backing off, and will be using R.Taylor in the TE rotation.

Basketball is now ranked #9 and #10 in the Coaches and AP Polls, respectively. Hopefully we can back it up over the next couple weeks, but my opinion is that we're a little high right now.

And something funny....