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Swinney interviewed

Dabo and Brad went to Aiken this weekend to talk to students about academics, not football. He was interviewed by the Aiken Standard here. Its a pretty basic, short interview.

AS: I know you can't speak on specifics (per NCAA rules), but how has recruiting gone so far?

DS: Recruiting is going well. We are going to finish with a strong, strong finish. It is not going to be a very big class, because we only had 17 scholarship seniors, but we will probably sign 17 to 19 kids and it is going to be a great class. I am excited about my first group.

This is a couple more than Napier has been quoted on. He went on to say the QB job is an open competition (which of course he should), we're going to have problems at safety, and the team is going back to work on fundamentals and the basics this spring (not a new offense).

James Davis was also interviewed by Scout just before the game yesterday.

An alabama blog talks about Clemson making efforts to steal Tim Simon away from the state, and Ole Piss.

An AJC article about the Clemson-GT game tonight is here.