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Oh well....another day.

A look into how clueless our players were last night is right here. If your starting power forward does not know what UNC is doing, then that says alot about the team's preparation for the game. That forces me to put the loss squarely on Oliver Purnell. Here's a thought Trevor, if you want the ball, go to the basket with aggression when you touch it. If we cannot play tough inside, we are not going to beat good teams.

I am not calling for OP's head, because I think he's a good coach, and I have not forgotten the days of Clifford or Shyatt, but I wasn't happy with the halftime adjustments vs. WF, and wasnt last night either. We just have to improve in transition, and our ball-handling of our guards must improve. We have GT coming up, and cannot afford a letdown now.

RubtheRock has a two-part interview with Levon Kirkland that's fairly interesting, check it out.

SmartFootball has an explanation of a zone-blitz that Clemson fans are going to see alot of this year with Steele calling the defense. We're going to go through some defensive strategies this offseason, since I have a copy of Saban's LSU defensive playbook.


We realistically have a shot with 4 players: Tajh Boyd, Kendall Kelly, Tim Simon, and J. Schofield. Sam Montgomery, who the hell knows. Napier has mentioned that they will not be offering fallbacks, but I still think they'd offer Roderic Blunt. I think our best shot is with Kelly.

Dabo has his in-home contact with Boyd friday, and he is the last of the HC's to make their in-home visit (NCAA rules allow only one in-home from the HC). Tressel and Bellotti have already been in, and his parents did not accompany him to Oregon. I think its between us and Ohio State. Either way he'll have to RS a year, and then could be playing behind Korn/Parker or T. Pryor.

Schofield's parents love Swinney and Scott, but Tennessee is a childhood favorite of his, and he visits UT this weekend. It is his 2nd and final official. After his Clemson visit he did think we were even (he rated it an "8"), so theres hope.