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It's That Time Again

Well, folks. It is finally that time again. This is the time of year that every football fan looks forward to. Super Bowl, you ask? Hell NO, Signing Day is a few days away.

This day is a day that lives in infamy in the hearts of college football know-it-all fans. Just go over to T-Net and you will see the brightest in the land exclaining their utmost allegiance to an 18 year old high school kid who will be the most talented player to walk on Frank Howard Field EVER.

Now guys, I definitely agree that Feb 4 is a crucial day for each and every program in the land. However, this day means absolutely nothing if the coach of these young men has his head shoved up his ass. In the same fashion that Larry Coker and Ken Hatfield ruined a dynasty, so could any other new coach.

On a side note, I am utterly surprised that there were no laptops or football players involved with M. Phelps' recent trip to the Mecca and the classic bong hit gone awry. Interestingly, he chose Pavlov's as the spot of choice. I would have pictured 14-time medalists would at least go to the Vista instead of 5-points (go figure).


I really think that Swinney did the best he could with what he was given this season on the recruiting trail. That being said, I will not anoint him just yet, as being an expert salesman is much different than being a great field general. I will further examine this topic as well as the path taken to get Swinney in the HC role in future blogs, after signing day.


Finally, could we see the General in Athens? Per ESPN, from a source close to Knight:

"He doesn't want it to look as if he's looking for work, but I can assure you
that he'd like to have the job. It's the idea of coaching a team in the
Southeastern Conference that appeals to him. There are just so many things
he could do for Georgia basketball. This would be his last stop, and he
likes that."

Thanks ESPN

Bob Knight is truly one of the most entertaining figures in all of sports. It is strange to watch him commentate at an even-keel pace on CBB Gameday. UGa, however, will probably not take him up on the offer as the UGay administration has become extremely politically correct over the past few years (the same cannot be said about most of the Dawg supporters).


Enjoy signing day and hopefully I can provide the blog more informative and entertaining material after the dust settles.