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Did they really just do this? Les Miles Syndrome.

Please tell me crazy Jawja fan did not just compare God to Les Miles?

(Ok, I know the post is tongue-in-cheek, so here is our tongue-in-cheek response to it)

The 11th Commandment says: Thou Shalt not besmirch the name of Danny Ford. And you crazy jawja fans just did.

I recognized how analogous the two men are when Coach Miles called for the onside kick against Georgia Tech. It was wild! It was wacky! It was insane! However, it also worked, and not because of random dumb luck, either. It was a calculated gamble. Yes, it was bold, but it was also shrewd. It was the decision of a coach intelligent enough to make an accurate assessment of the odds and gutsy enough to run the risk of having the percentages play out differently.

WTF. Youre basing it off of that and the Treadwell kick? DF wouldnt do the crazy shit Les Miles does. There's a key difference between these two men: Les is stupid crazy, Danny was smart crazy. DF might not know shit about anything else, but he did know how to call a game.

We both hate Les Miles, especially as a gameday coach. The reason is that what DF did on gameday made sense, what Les does makes absofuckinglutely no sense. I've been here at LSU every year since Les came on, so I've seen all the stupidity in person. I'm going to pick a few stupid things Les did, which define the Les Miles Syndrome.

#1. The fake punt against Arizona State, in Les' first game (post-Katrina).

Lets just call a fake punt FROM DEEP IN LSU TERRITORY early in the game. Les said afterwards the punter made the call himself, horseshit Les, you fucked up and didnt want anyone to know how stupid that call was. Yeah, tell me DF would've done that. What followed was superior talent bailing Les out at the end of the game, which became his staple.

#2. The loss to Tennessee, after Rita ran through.

Leading 21-0 at halftime, and completely dominating Tenn. on a 100F monday night (where I lost at least 10 lbs.), Les decides to completely stop throwing the ball, and just runs up the middle every play for the 2nd half, and calls timeouts after turnovers when we have none. Clausen, #1 asshole, flips off the student section after scoring the leading touchdown late. In what would become a hallmark of Les Miles football, he decides to start playing football again in the late 4th quarter, but makes a bunch of stupid ass playcalls and comes up short at the end. It was the most pissed off I have ever been at an LSU game.

#3. Auburn 2007, (hell the whole 2007 season) just watch the Clock. You're in FG range already, the clock is running under 15 seconds after the last play. What does DF do? He runs the clock all the way down, calls his last timeout, kicks the FG. See Treadwell.

That was the 2nd most pissed off I've ever been at an LSU game. If that pass falls incomplete, Les gets castrated on the spot by crazy-ass LSU fans and no national championship.

#4. Florida 2007. Go for 4th down 5 times and get every one. What coach in his right mind does that shit? I admit I wanted him to go for it for the ones in UF territory that were out of FG range, including the ones where you had to on the final drive. Further proof that LSU's superior talent saved Les from castration. You say: "well he's showing confidence in his team"...well that doesnt mean you test fate over and over again.

#5. The Les Miles offensive philosophy: "Run twice up the middle, get nothing, then throw a bomb" See the entire career of J. Russell. See Florida 2006.

#6. The 2008 season, the Dual-DC system. A year after all his playmakers graduated, Les decides to keep the fabulous J.Lee in each game long enough to throw enough pick-6's to lose every game. Instead of progressing after the Auburn game, he gets WORSE, as does the D. UGA-enough points on turnovers to make up the difference in score, Alabama-2 TDs in the first half because of Lee, Troy-dont get me started, Arky-WTF? Then, after the season is over, he puts in Jefferson and a gameplan, and thumps GT. Jefferson wasnt hurt all year, he could've come in, yet Les left him on the bench.

#7. Tulane 2007. LSU fucks around the entire game, then superior talent wins it at the end. Kentucky 2007, one big clusterfuck of shittyness.

Enough 2007 references? This man wins on the edge of his teeth every week. Les Miles is the LSU version of Ken Hatfield, but with a better record in big games. Les' saving grace is that if you give him a month to prepare, he will beat you, just like Ford. Les won't make it two more years at LSU.

Could DF have won all these games? There's no telling, DF's gameplan was entirely different, but he was a winner, and I'd say he'd have won a majority of them. Danny would go for a tie if he had to, to win the conference. He'd piss enough people off after he lost to be banished to the press box, but he wouldnt do stupid shit during a game that might cost his team a victory.

See the post-Ole Miss Redux.