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Clemson @ UNC

Well theres not much point in previewing it, we all know the 0-for-53 record exists, and it may or may not piss you off. Some people don't care and/or are just resigned to losing tonight. I know that it is possible, since I was on the floor the day that we beat #1 UNC @ home (vs. Vanilla Ice), on the same day that Dale Earnhardt died.

We never got the press for it, all of about 2 minutes thanks to the Daytona crash, but we will if we do it tonight.

I don't buy into the 13.5 point line, there is no way would I put this one over 10, more like 6-8.

Plyler and Strelow have written previews, and there are others, but I think Strelow has it on the money. The book is out on Booker and Sykes, and if they don't step up inside, or at least have success passing back out to the open shooters and setting screens on the perimeter, we're not going to win. Conversely, our defense showed its weakness in transition, which has been the case for as long as I can remember for Clemson, to tell you the truth. The best teams are always great in transition, and we're not there yet, but things can happen.

What you can expect:
-Booker will foul out. My hope is that he hammers Hansbrough on every foul. They'll call it anyway, so he might as well. He has to play with authority and to the utmost level he can.

-Hansbrough will get alot of tickytack stuff from the referees, and likely end up with at least 10 FT attempts. Of course, he will never commit more than 2 fouls and never commit traveling, because he is the anointed one. There will be numerous stories about his parents, and at least 3 shots of them on TV.

-Clemson will choke at the FT line when we have a chance to win, but we won't get many foul calls and likely won't have 20 shots at the line. UNC will have at least 25.

-The 0-for-53 streak will be mentioned at least 5 times, more if the lead is large late.

-Dicky V will say "baby" at least 25 times. I suggest you take a shot for each one.

Go Tigers.