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Clemson lands Boyd

And now TNet will reach a level of homoeroticism not seen since the days of Will Korn's commitment to Clemson.

Now everyone will be sure to jump on Boyd's bandwagon and call for his PT in 2 years when they realize that Korn is not the 2nd coming of Jesus that they made him out to be, even though he's only going to be a RS sophomore this season.

The 6-foot-1, 208-pounder becomes the highest rated quarterback recruit to commit to Clemson in over a decade. The last QB to sign with the Tigers to own a 6.0 marker was T.T. Tolliver in 1996, under then head coach Tommy West, though Tolliver was as an 'athlete'.

Tolliver didnt do anything either remember.

My personal prediction: Boyd backs up behind Korn/Parker for one year. After that year, if they get the job done, he moves to WR.