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Clemson falls to WF 78-68

Well by now, everyone knows we lost, and Larry Williams gives his views on it here. I was more pissed off about it earlier, but WF is the better team, and we're just not at their level quite yet. We're better than we played, but thats got to be proven on the court against top teams, and we haven't yet.

Early on, neither team shot well, and Oglesby was essentially the offense at the beginning, but like OP said in the LW article, we got out of our plan. OP didnt help by sticking to full-court the entire game either, in my opinion. WF was playing outstanding defensively, especially in the paint, but were too quick and generally sloppy as well, and Clemson never took advantage of it in the 1st half, when we were down 32-27.

Clemson didnt seem to adjust to the transition game at all. Purnell apparently elected to remain in full-court press, while WF cut us to pieces in the transition passing because we were never getting down court quick enough to stop them. When we did, backdoor cuts ate us up several times, and our poor presence inside never stopped the post baskets.

I believe Purnell should've gone to a half-court press at halftime, but he stuck with it. Give WF credit for beating us at our own game.

Our offense lacked rhythm the entire game. Bad a 3pt shooting, bad inside, OK in transition (offensively)...

If one player can be singled out for playing badly, its Raymond Sykes. Could you please work on your layup skills? I can't recall more shots popped back up to the basket in a game, and not gone in. Sykes is usually OK at defense, but not today, nor Booker.

I realize WF was all over us inside, but our inability to go to the post with authority (Booker too) was pitiful, and we never looked to pass back out to a shooter when they were coming open which would've forced WF to pull people off and not be as aggressive in their press. K.C. Rivers should not be playing at the low post.