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Weekend news

A good article came out today about Woody McCorvey's new position with Clemson as the Director of Football Operations, where rules say that he can't give actual instruction in practice. I expect the NCAA rules prohibit him from contacting recruits as well but haven't found the documentation.

This is clearly just a short-term position though, either Woody will be moved back to coaching or he'll eventually leave Clemson.

"This is going to give me an opportunity to see where I can go with this," McCorvey said. "By being able to do this this year, it will give me another perspective of the athletic world. And it might lead down the road to something like athletic director. But once you’re a coach, you’re always a coach. We’ll see."

People bragging about our OL? Say what?

Mason Cloy has been getting some good PR on the OL lately, and this GNews article talks about his struggles on the Line this year, and how he's progressed all season. The P&C does the same here.He was named Freshman All-American the other day along with D. Bowers and Brandon Maye.


Incoming OL recruit JK Jay appeared to have suffered an injury in the Shrine Bowl game today. Sounds from the description like a sprain to us.

Florida DB Jaron Hosley has but Clemson in his final five, most notably against Ohio State and Michigan, while Dre Kirkpatrick still has us in the running for a visit.

Bowl Game

Swinney comments on the shittyness of bowl practice lately here, and apparently Korn has healed enough to play sparingly in the Gator. Meanwhile, Nebraska is taking a few days off for the holidays.

The next Priester, or Terry Witherspoon?

Jamie Harper talks about his reduced role behind JD and CJ Spiller here.

"It's a big transition coming into the college game from high school," Harper said. "I've got some great running backs ahead of me and they've done a great job of guiding me this season. I think I've improved so much since the beginning of the season. I knew when I got here that it was going to be tough getting on the field.

"I understood coming in that James and C.J. were established in the lineup and they're going to be great backs at the next level. I understood what my role was going to be this season and they've shown me the way to be successful in the future."

Both of us here will greatly miss JD, and this article talks about his career and the struggles this season. When I spoke with Coach Ford thursday morning (story forthcoming), I mentioned to him that if JD was on that 1989 team, we'd not be talking about him breaking the record this year, he'd have broken it last year and would be in the NFL.

Former Clemson Center Robby Chapman passed thursday afternoon at just 43. Its quite sad when someone goes so young and leaves little ones behind, our prayers go out to his family.