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Recruiting News

Visits last weekend were the last before the end of the "Contact" period that ends friday. Recruiters and HS recruits alike get the holidays off. Given that we're not allowed to post Ard info verbatim, I'll only be linking Korncoot's stuff. I know Korncoot slants his observations, but its the only thing that you dont have to pay for.

12/13 visits:
DE Leon Mackey (6-6 260) (4-star JC)
DB Jonathan Meeks (6-2 193) (4-star JC, committed this weekend, from Rock Hill orig.)
RB Onterrio McCallebb (5-11 172) (4-star JC)
WR Bryce McNeal (6-2 175) of Minneapolis (4-star)
OL JK Jay (6-7 275) of Christ Church (previously committed, 4-star)

Although this looks like a stellar weekend, it is a departure from the strategy (as of late especially) of megaloading all good recruits into one weekend. The first three are all from Hargrave Prep, where Clemson tends to get most of its prep school players. JUCOs are essentially a stopgap move, geared to fill an immediate need, as most can only play 2 years. Prep school is an extended version of high school where they tend to go only one year (or semester), and in most cases have 5 to play 4 as pointed out to me.

They are nearly always rated 4-star, because they can contribute immediately.

With Clemson needing at least 3-4 OL this year, interior DL, possibly a RB to replace Spiller, and 2 safeties graduating, you can see why Dabo would go for so many JCs. Indications are that Meeks will bulk up and play SS or OLB, however.

In Meeks' comments to Korncoot about the others:

Meeks called Mackey a "soft commit" to the Tigers. "He's going to take his Virginia Tech visit (this weekend), but he's not ready to announce it (a commitment). And he said McCallebb would choose either Clemson or Auburn.

Auburn's staff is in flux with Chizik on board, and the radio call-in shows throughout Auburn territory (as I was driving through the area this weekend) indicate none of the current staff will be retained.

McCalleb's comments:

"It's a great possiblity that I am going to commit to Clemson," he said. "I like Auburn and Clemson and it's going to be a battle."

Chris Rumph is scheduled to meet him Wednesday, and Dabo will meet his mother this weekend.

Bryce McNeal is considering offers from Oregon and OU mainly, and is being recruited by Jeff Scott. Right now we're looking good with this kid and he was impressed by our facilities. He says he'll decide Jan. 3.

Clemson is making inroads with OL JeRquari Schofield (6-6 296), against Lane Kiffin's new staff.

DE Sam Montgomery looks like he'd rather go to LSU right now, but Clemson and Sakerlina will be all over him for an official visit. As I suspected, he'd have followed VK to LSU, but you see no mention of K. State on that list. I still get the feeling he'll stay in-state.

Clemson is set for another important recruiting weekend on January 10.