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Gator Bowl bound, Coaching changes

New Assistant: Danny Pearman

Today Danny Pearman was brought onto the staff, and though it hasnt been stated what position he will oversee, but at the very least expect him to take the TE's over, and possibly take Powell's spot as Special Teams Coordinator. I think anyone who has seen the improvement over the last two years in the ST's would not like to see Powell go right now, but if Pearman is better then so be it.

Pearman is a 1988 Clemson grad who played TE for God from '84-87. He then became a GA for Ford in '88-89 before going to Alabama under Gene Stallings. From '91-96 he was a ST Coordinator/OL-Tackles coach (when Swinney was there) and in '97 also coached the DT position for Mike Dubose.

After that he went to Virginia Tech, assisting with the Special Teams under Beamer, along with TE/OT position. After 2005 he left for NC (ST/DE), 2007 for Duke (ST/TE), and this year for Maryland (ST/TE/H-backs).

His records at these places are solid, which is what you expect from Special Teams. The only one that stands out is VT, but Beamer is the man behind their ST. I dont see how its going to change all that much from what Powell has done. He has coached under some Greats, so I think he'll be a solid guy.

I can find no record of great recruiting for Pearman though. He doesnt seem to be that good at it, as I've seen some articles from VT beatwriters and message board posts who said he was totally ineffective. Andre Powell (also RB coach) is a good recruiter though, and brought us in Stanley Hunter and Marquish Jones this year. Billy Napier was the TE coach last year, but apparently will move to QB/Off. Coordinator from now on.

I'd be really excited if he brought Woody McCorvey back to Clemson in some capacity, but it doesnt look likely unless Powell is toast altogether.

UPDATE: WoodyMac turned down the job at SC.

Def. Coordinator Vic Koenning out...

After VK's comments when Dabo got the job, this one wasnt a big surprise. Dabo has said he wants a defense that will attack instead of sitting back in soft Cover 0/Cover 2. VK wouldn't call a blitz to save his life, but he was solid at DC since taking over for Lovett. Our pass defensive stats have been some of the best ever at Clemson (especially if you ask him), but while I dont want a Reggie Herring blitz-every-damn-play-and-lose-in-the-4th defense back, I would like a more aggressive setup. From the official statement:

"I want to thank the Clemson administration, coaching staff and most of all the student-athletes for a great four years," said Koenning. "This is an outstanding program and a great place to live. I am proud of what we accomplished this year and over the last four years.

"I want to thank Tommy Bowden and Dabo Swinney. I enjoyed working for Coach Bowden the last three and a half years. He brought me to Clemson and I appreciate the opportunity. And, it was a great run with Coach Swinney the last seven weeks. He will do well at Clemson.

‘It was a great experience here, but I was not certain of my role past the bowl game, so I think this is a good time for me to pursue other coaching opportunities."

This year we were #9 in scoring defense, 12th in pass defense, 11th in pass efficiency defense, tied for eighth in interceptions and 16th in total defense. It is the fourth consecutive year that Clemson has ranked in the top 25 in all of those categories in the same year. VK was a solid, if not outstanding, recruiter.

I'd expect an outside hire, John Chavis? Dick Bumpas? Charlie Harbison? Ellis Johnson? Joe Kines? I wouldnt be surprised if its another Bama guy....or maybe he'll give it to David Blackwell and hire a Secondary coach to come in (like Harbison). I'm not impressed with Blackwell, as highly thought of as he was, our LBs havent been overly special (and we havent brought in great recruits there either).

UPDATE: Charlie Harbison has been hired as Secondary Coach. LINK

Harbison Bio, he coached here while the Ford Brothers were here. They left after '96 as I recall.

Gator Bowl Bound

Clemson vs. Nebraska on January 1 in Jacksonville at 1pm, a rematch of the 1982 Orange Bowl that gave us the National Title. We got it because FSU was the only other team on their radar and we'd bring in more money. Nebraska fans travel really well and have never been to the Gator, so I'd expect it to be a full house. LINK

Our Gator Bowl record:
2000 Virginia Tech L 20-41....and VT didnt belong there at all.
1995 Syracuse L 0-41...I'd rather not remember.
1989 West Virginia W 27-7....Danny's last game.
1986 Stanford W 27-21
1978 Ohio State W 17-15....Danny's first game, Woody's last.
1977 Pittsburgh L 3-34...Pell
1951 Miami FL L 0-14...Howard
1948 Missouri W 24-23....Howard

From 1989, recall that WVU was in the title race in '88 and '89, and Major Harris was a Heisman candidate those years.

Bye Woody