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Football News is dwindling down

John Chavis has interviewed a 2nd time for the open DC position at Clemson, and the word is that there is a sticking issue on his salary. Its possible there is an issue with someone to be brought on staff to replace one of the current defensive assistants. An article today talks about the salaries on staff here.

Mike Dooley, promoted to TE coach (from GA) when Napier was made OC, has been pushed back to GA. Pearman is taking his spot on staff.

The redundancy on staff is at LB, where Blackwell and West technically are split ILB/OLB. Ron West is a Clemson graduate, Blackwell is the better recruiter.

Mobile (AL) news station is reporting that Will Muschamp will go to Auburn, and be announced today. Muschamp has denied it and says he "has not and will not interview for the Auburn job."

He said the same thing about Texas DC job and took it the next day.

Everything I've ever heard about Muschamp's departure was to do with the A.D. and Trustees (Bobby Lowder), and not Tubby. They are all still there, so I dont see how that bad blood was smoothed so quickly.

Ron Morris throws grenades at Spurrier for throwing players under the Bus. But what will they do in Columbia if another HOF coach can't fix the program?

Vic Koenning said today that he has no hard feelings in his firing from Clemson. Please God, let this be the last VK mention I have to see in local papers?

Strelow posts an article about recruiting for the year, and how we're behind and have gotten no commits since Dabo Swinney was named HC here. I'm going to be happy with a Top 25 class this year. Rarely do new coaches come in and have dynamite classes; transition years are always poor. Dabo will do better with the same staff however, and McCorvey and Harbison are great at it. Next year I expect to be much better, independent of our record.

Larry Williams posts a free article for a change, about the press conference.