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With Fat Phil gone from UT

With Fulmer gone. We might now be in a bidding war over a coach. I've said before that UT will try to go after Muschamp, and he may be one of TDPs top choices for our job. Pretty much anyone who is a candidate at Clemson will be a candidate at Tennessee. Tennessee will surely win a bidding war with us, as their resources are far larger, but we can make it more difficult for them. We can only hope that we choose different people to go after.

EDSBS' take, along with the presser.

Fulmer's situation lately has been like Bowden's, he was unable to win big games and was mediocre against the SEC. I think I would've given him a pass after losing Cutcliffe (again) and playing for the SEC Championship last year against LSU. I can see why they would be tired of him though.

I do hope they get Michigan'd now, just because I hate Tennessee. He deserves worse for shitting on Alabama though.

Now, since I'm at LSU, the big game is Alabama. LSU has looked terrible on Defense since the Missississississississippi State game, when a bad QB was able to light up the secondary. Auburn, we thought at the time, was going to be alright, but apparently not so.

The other major problem is Jarrett Lee. He pretty much sucks. Early in the season I thought that moving the Troy game (hurricane) would hurt him because he needed more PT before Florida, and it did. He hasnt played a 4-quarter game yet, and he makes decisions almost as poorly as Cullen Harper. Turnovers cost LSU the Peach/Cotton Bowl play-in game, and the Tulane game wasn't much better. Lee was in too long, and freshman Jordan Jefferson really only got a few series.

Miles has made it a point to throw Lee under the bus, instead of saying how many problems the young secondary has. They are young and in many situations they are in position to make the play, but dont. The tackling is subpar for LSU, and they look like they are just trying TOO hard to make a big play. All of this was evident to me during the spring game...and it has not been corrected. Doug Mallory should be taking more blame for what has happened than Lee. Now, LSU's defense has lost their swagger, and I dont believe they'll do well at all for the rest of this season if they get lit up by JP Wilson.

But they can beat Bama, only because Bama is a run-oriented offense. LSU can still stop the running game, and this will be an emotional and over-hyped game at Tiger Stadium with Saban's return. They'll score, probably in similar fashion to last year, but they should not put up 40-50 points on LSU. The question is whether LSU can run on them. If they can, it could snowball for Alabama.