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Well lets see....

Some days, you should just stay in bed. Saturday was one of those days. I am not going to do my usual in-depth game review for FSU, its just pointless for this one. I'm too pissed off to go through everything.

A few notes:
1-This OL is terrible. Please fire Brad Scott in the offseason. Let Bobby rehire him.
2-Cullen Harper sucks too, but given time to throw he couldve done better for FSU.
3-Corey Lambert is the biggest fucking waste of oxygen on this team. Overrated out of HS and cant move his feet AT ALL. I dont expect him to have become All-ACC, but as a junior he should be a solid contributor at minimum, and really shouldve locked down the RT job last year....but got beat by Walker (a freshman!) this year. But did the coaches do anything to help him saturday? Nope. No TE or RB pulled over to chip the DE tearing his ass a new one.
4-JD doesnt get the ball enough, though I expect he'd not do anything if he did behind this line. Spiller came to play again.
5-We had 4 good drives, of those two were 50-yarders. One was against the Prevent. Playcalling was fine, but OL protection was so bad that you wouldnt know. 3rd downs were usually obvious pass situations and FSU T'd off on us and we couldnt convert, because we couldnt run the football on 1st and 2nd down. I would've loved more Draw plays though.
6-D fell on their ass, couldnt stop the run worth a shit. I saw little intensity. This surprised me more than anything really.

Swinney's postgame conference.

Not much else I'm going to say about that.

I was at the Bama-LSU game in person, and if Clemson fans think Cullen Harper is bad, you should see Jarrett Lee. You know the first lesson you learn in reading defenses is what?

Watch what the Safeties do.

The safeties always give away the coverage, this is lost on Jarrett Lee. 3 INTs all to the Free Safety because he forces throws into double coverage, and then doesnt pay attention where he's throwing the ball otherwise. When Cullen throws a pick, its usually because a) Ford ran the wrong/bad route, which he does alot or b) Cullen wasnt looking when he threw the ball. Trust me, put Lee on Clemson's team and Clemson has just 2 wins. If I can look at the coverage and see "man-free" why cant Lee just watch that safety instead of throwing a pass RIGHT AT HIM?

Only the golden horseshoe up Les Miles' ass wins them games. You saw that blocked FG at the end? Yeah. If you were paying attention to that clock management beforehand you'd see why I think he's an idiot and will eventually be a Ken Hatfield for LSU.

I do want to say one thing about how LSU fans behave. At Clemson we grew up thinking that Georgia fans are the worst, Maryland fans are pricks and NC State fans think they are badasses....well UGA is scared of LSU fans. This week two LSU fans were shot and killed by a Bammer fan. A couple weeks ago an LSU fan was arrested for putting a noose on the desk of his (black) coworker/friend who was a Dawg fan after the LSU loss to Gawja.

At the game there were 3 Bammer fans in front of me and crazy dumbass frat boy decides to throw a half-full tray of nachos at them. Ruining one guy's shirt and barely missing the hot blonde in the red dress. He acted like it was alright since they were bammer fans. If he'd done it again I'd have had his ass arrested, but he shouldve gotten his ass kicked. After LSU's first TD, at least 4 or 5 got right in the face of that girl and flipped birds and screamed in her ear. I like that they have as much passion as I do, but damn they can at least learn how to behave.

Well....there is some hope...

Back to Clemson stuff...

An article by Strelow came out and I agree with some of his points....namely that Dabo will do well somewhere someday soon. I dont think it will be here though. If you give him credit for BC, then I think you give him the loss at FSU.

He’s been playing it "all in," as he’s implored his team to do, but the cards he had were the football coach’s equivalent of the aces and eights that legend says Wild Bill Hickock was holding at the time of his death.

Not that Swinney’s facing life or death, but at 1-2 after three games, trying to salvage something out of the season with a broken football team is a mighty struggle.

Three games with Swinney have convinced me this is a guy ready to be a head coach at a major college football program. Whether that happens at Clemson University beyond the rival game with the University of South Carolina is probably doubtful, given the pressure administration will feel to make it all better as soon as possible.

Still, somebody ought to do the right thing by noticing Swinney’s football instincts, and give him a squad to call his own next year.


We should beat Puke, but UVA is a toss-up to me, and I'll never predict a loss to SC unless its year 4. If Dabo wants the job I think he must win 2 of 3 and one of those must be a win over the Fightin Spurriers.

Has anyone noticed the LACK of scuttle over frontrunners for the job? Either TDP hasnt picked one frontrunner, or we've got the tightest-lipped department in the country. I did see this one but it is just rumors.