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Thanksgiving Week

Here we are folks, quickly approaching my favorite time of the year. You may ask, "What is all the excitement about? Is it the turkey and dressing? NO. Is it the opportunity of being with those closest to you? NO. This week is all about one thing: BEATING ASS.

Most weeks, there is no way for me to predict what dear old Clemson will do on the football field until we get to the regular season finale. Memory serving me correctly, Clemson is on a one game winning streak over the gamechickens. Thus, by my calculations, the Tigers are guaranteed three more victories against our feathered neighbors before we lose sometime during/after the '11 season. This pisses off even the most diehard chicken fans.

Also, why does cockfan always cry and moan about how tough their schedule is, when Clemson (according to USA Today) plays a tougher overall schedule? STOP YOUR CRYING!

All I have heard today are grumbings from Cockfan. They bitch about CU being favorites. They claim that Clemson cheats, steals, and lies for wins. One even went on to cry and compare UVa to Florida.

**Note to Cockfan: losing by 50 to anyone is not a quality loss. That is called getting your ass handed to you. While the Gators do have a fantastic squad, that is still no excuse for Tim Tebow and crew to hang half a C-Note on you (in the Swamp, the Brice, hell in my back yard, it is never acceptable to just get steam rolled in this fashion).

History has a way of repeating itself, so unless the useless radio commentator Tom Suggs (or Spurlid himself) plans to suit up Saturday, be prepared to enjoy what generations of USC-east fans have witnessed, another Tiger victory.