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Race for a Coach is Winding Down

My how the outlook of the CU coaching scenario has changed. With less than two weeks until the final decision is made, this thing has turned into what looks like a three horse race. We have Dabo trying to cap off the season with a bowl appearance, Gary Patterson emerging from Fort Worth to get some serious run, and Bud Foster professing his love for the CU job.

With Foster, Va Tech is reeling while looking at the possibility of life without one of the best assistants in the land. I would not be surprised to see Va Tech make a big play to try to keep Foster in Blacksburg with immediate cash and the possibility of getting the head coaching position when Beamer moves along.

Foster really wants the job at CU. I do not think that Va Tech could keep him should the Tigers come calling. Unfortunately, the annual defensive powerhouse points gained over the years may be offset by the loss of street cred for this rediculous concert appearance:

Patterson has earned some street cred for firing through four straight Big 12 foes a few years ago (who can forget his epic blast in the presser following the Texas Tech game? SPEED BABY!). He has been at TCU for over a decade (DC then HC) and turned down $2 mil annually from Minnesota. What does that mean? Nothing really...who the hell wants to freeze their ass off in Minn.? Bottom line is that an offer from Clemson would be difficult for GP to turn down--provided he is not too terribly attached to TCU. I would be OK with this selection, provided we get more outbursts in the weekly PC (and a few of those double digit win seasons would help too).

Finally, we have the people's coach, Dabo Swinney. Folks like many of the things he brings to the table (see previous blog), including the attitude change that we have seen at CU and increased excitement level.

Fact remains that Dabo has the least experienced resume of the three (excluding his short stint as top dog this year). He does, however, get a vote of confidence from Gene Stallings and would probably carpool into Tigertown with DF if Danny wanted to leave the farm--nothing wrong with hanging out with winners.

A Clemson victory Saturday puts Dabo in the lead, a Clemson massacre (similar to the Nagasaki bombing placed on the cocks in '89) secures the top spot.

Time is the only certainty in this game, as we all expect to know something early next week.