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Kiffin Interviewed, Larry Williams gone

Today is Larry Williams' last day at P&C before moving to TigerIllustrated, dammit I dont want to pay Ard to read his heresay. Time remove the link to P&C because Ken Burger and Sapakoff arent worth the paper they get printed on.

Plyler said in his blog that TDP had interviewed someone in Detroit, and yesterday we found out it was Lane Kiffin. I think this was done out of professional courtesy because Kiffin threw his hat in the ring early and clearly wants a coaching job somewhere. I don't think he's coming, and definitely not with his Daddy, who snitched on us in 1982 because he wasnt happy we got Jeff Davis. Alot of Boosters are still around from those days, and they wont let that man have any job here.

I wonder if people will throw some garbage at Clemson about things like this, since there are no black coaches in our search list. Thankfully we are not required to interview one black coach like the NFL is. I'm going to paint my skin red and demand I get equal treatment and a token interview too. FYI BCA: If there are good coaches, they get interviewed. It doesnt make a damn if they are black or green, they'll get interviewed. Charlie Strong and Turner Gill are the only two black coaches that I believe are worth a damn, but Gill runs the triple option and Strong is a former Coot, so I dont want them. Trying to force us to do it is bullshit.

In the new "Ask the Coach" feature on TNet, Dabo was asked this:

Timothy Scheatzle, Matt Brandel and Monty Smith all asked in some fashion if Swinney would consider asking former head coach Danny Ford to be a part of the program, should Swinney be named the full-time coach at the end of the season.

Swinney: I dont think he would do that, but if I got this job I would love to embrace coach Ford. I would really to welcome him to come out and be around practice, to bring his grandkids out. I would like for him to speak to the team. That would be something I would reach out to him for, but I think he is enjoying life pretty good so far.

Well thats almost enough to make me want to give Dabo the job right there. DF shouldve been embraced back in some official capacity 10 years ago. Frank Howard was an "ambassador" for 20+ years after he left.