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Its that time again....

Clemson-Carolina slated for Noon on ESPN2, more afternoon delight, and a whole day to get drunk afterwards. Only good thing I see about it is that I'll be able to watch the Iron Bowl afterwards.

All Hail Ben Tillman.

The Curse owns you.

Now we can all expect Cockfan to go nuts and proclaim easy victory, as in the past:

Even though The Citadel scored more points on Florida than they did.

Coaching News
TDP apparently has spoken with Bucs assistant Rich Bisaccia, a former coach at USuC (for Sparky) and Clemson under West. He was our RB Coach and Recruiting Coordinator. Recall that neither West's nor Sparky's classes were that great. He was on the Tampa Bay staff when they won the Super Bowl however. I dont believe he's a serious candidate.

Ron Morris has an article on how its Dabo's job to lose.

I'll talk more about the Cluckers as the week goes on.